Reasons Why Online Bridal Lehenga Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

Although many parts of the world have hosted small, minimalist weddings last year, Indian brides have fallen for full-fledged big fat weddings. There are dozens of dupattas adorned with heavy jewels and gold on the bridal lehenga. The smaller budget is decided for other parts of the wedding preparations larger number is kept aside for the dress.

But for all the traditional Indian ceremonies and  Bollywood nightlife our beloved brides had to give up, they made up for it with some of the most ornate and heavily decorated lehengas we’ve ever seen walking down the aisle than ever.

Indian priests add a playful twist to an old classic, making the most of their time by leaning on the times we live in rather than agonizing over it. Traditionally, Indian brides wear sacred red as a symbol of prosperity with Mars (the planet responsible for marriage according to Hindu astrology), but modern brides wear bright magenta bridal lehenga, emerald shades, yellow (Color of the Year for 2021!), and, in some cases, red. All of the above.

We spoke with India’s leading bridal designers Manish Malhotra, Gaurav Gupta, Ridhi Mehra, Natasha Dalal, and Monica Shah to find out what to expect from our gorgeous brides this year. They talked about the unique silhouettes, timeless fabrics, embroidery, and vivid colors the bride will wear next year.

Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Trends You Should Know So, if you’re getting married or just like wedding dresses, here are the trends that designers want to see the most this year.

1. Double dupatta wedding lehenga

Courtesy of Manish Malhotra “This year we will see long veils hanging from our heads and we will be adding a double dupatta to most looks in our new collection,” says Malhotra.

His brand has always been oriented towards glamor and drama, and this year it will appear in the form of a wide, train-like dupatta on the head.

2. Crimson appearance red lehenga

Photo Course to GAURAV Gupta “The wedding color of the season should becherry. This is part of my new fuchsia obsession!” Designer Gupta says: “It’s a lot like the traditional Lava Red, but it exudes fuchsia.” This color is perfect for brides who don’t want to deviate too much from tradition but want a bit of playfulness. Buy designer bridal gowns online for your wedding ceremony and stay one step ahead with your wedding preparations.

3. Easy embroidery lehengas

“I like comfortable clothes. It’s comfortable and can still be the dress of your dreams,” suggests Dalal. “When clothes are burdened, they automatically look a little sad and uncomfortable, but if they seem to be able to move a little, they shine more confidently.”

If you’re a bride who wants to move and dance comfortably in her own clothes, fabrics like chiffon and georgette, for example, exude a complete princess vibe without compromising comfort.

4. Enlarged sleeves red lehenga  

Courtesy of Lidi Mehra “I like the opportunity to experiment this year,” says Mehra. “I play a lot with blouses with exaggerated sleeves of the bridal lehenga.” If you don’t like traditional jewelry, sleeves like these are a great way to add a touch of luxury without being too heavy.

5. Light gold lehengas light gold lehenga


“Light gold goes really well with it because it can take you from wedding to party. It’s a great all-around option as there will only be two or three events instead of the twelve we usually do at weddings,” says Dalal.

Indian brides in India traditionally look completely different at receptions or parties, but most are in one-piece outfits, and the gold-like color allows them to simply change jewelry or accessories, giving them a special look that sets them apart from traditional ceremonies. To the people, after the party.

6. Pomegranate dress lehenga


This year, Shah paid a lot of attention to brides who, like Dalal, changed their image from casual to evening wear. “Pomegranate looks great in both sunlight and artificial lighting, so it’s a great color to incorporate into a wedding look. Traditional red bridal lehenga doesn’t work well in the evening light, so traditional clothes don’t work anymore.”

7. Multicolored embroidery red lehenga


“We’re working on a variety of pearls and multi-colored embroidery in a mix of pink and blue,” says Mehra. We’ve seen multicolored looks in fabrics, but multicolored embroidery is especially luxurious for brides looking for a lavish way to follow the colorful trend. Multi-colored embroidery is very considered luxurious in a way it became a colorful trend for all the brides-to-be.

 8. Emerald green costume green lehenga


“Emerald green is such a luxurious color. It is the color of love and hope,” explains Gupta. In Indian culture, the heart chakra is represented by green color and gold jewelry will look great.

9. Ombre tone lehenga

Ombre may be gone when it comes to hairstyle trends, but when it comes to lehengas, it’s already here. Some people are confused about which color to choose between pastel and dark, but this way, you can make the most of the world’s strengths.” Buy designer bridal gowns online and save time for other preparations at the comfort of your home.

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