Popularity of water tanks for sale in Kenya

The demand for water tanks is always high as the stored water can be for portable or for utility purposes. This article explains the effectiveness of water tanks and why they have gained so much popularity among Kenyans.

Many people live their lives assuming that if you clear your bills, you have unlimited supply of water which may not always be the case. With the rapidly increasing population, there is increased water shortage and thus the need for water tank so as to always be on the safe side when there is water supply shortage.

Features of water tanks

Water tanks come in different sizes for one to choose the size they prefer. With the many hundreds of options for tank sizes, you can choose the ones that fit your price range and still be in the position to service your households.

Tanks can be plastic or metallic. Plastic tanks come in many shapes; cone-shaped, horizontal, vertical, indoor and many other kinds. Metal tanks are limited when it comes to sizes but are the most durable. Tanks tend to be made with some lids to cover them whenever they are full; this is to prevent the water infesting insects from getting on the tank and contaminating the water in the tank.


Water tanks mostly are effective in the drought -prone parts in the Kenya. It’s not limited to such areas because water tanks are owned by very many people regardless of the areas they reside; water shortage is a possibility for all of us.


Reduce groundwater consumption.

Rain water collected on water tanks can be used for irrigation, filling a swimming pool and many other domestic uses in the homesteads.

Reduce water bills.

Rainwater is free to collect and use so utilizing it for many uses means you won’t have to rely on a service provider to supply you with water.

Reduce soil erosion and flooding.

Run off water tends to cause soil erosion and thus the need have water tank. With the help of gutters, rain water is collected into the tank instead of hitting the ground. This function has greatly increased water tanks for sale in Kenya.

Better control on water supply.

Most tanks do run on simple technology, requiring little or sometimes no maintenance. This enables you to collect and control the water supply exactly the way you want it.

Less salty water source

In most cases, water collected from rain tends to be less salty. This is an added advantage to people who find it hard in using the salty water to do some household chores. With the collected and stored water, such chores will be done smoothly.


The cost might be unaffordable in some households

Rains are unpredictable in major parts of Kenya and this could inhibit the usefulness of the tanks since one can’t rely on rainwater.


The disadvantages above are a small excuse that should not hinder the popularity of the tanks. I would recommend people to buy water tanks and enjoy the many benefits of owning a tank.

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