Optional Coverages to Insure Tractors

Civil Liability derived from agricultural work or RC Exploitation

This RC Exploitation coverage guarantees the payment of the indemnities that have to be paid by the insured or the authorized driver, when they are declared civilly liable for damages caused to third parties by accidents or incidents related to the agricultural work that we carry out with the insured tractor.

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance coverage for tractors is an optional warranty that can get the farmer out of trouble in the event that a breakdown appears and leaves him stranded on the road or in the field itself.

According to the offer of the tractor insurance companies, the assistance will cover the repair on site or in the workshop, as well as the transfer and rescue of the tractor.

Own damages

The Own Damage coverage covers the damages that the tractor may suffer as a result of an accident that has occurred:

  • On circulation.
  • Resting.
  • During your transportation.
  • During the performance of agricultural work

Hiring insurance for a tractor

The Insurance Tractors are much cheaper than other policies of heavy vehicles, for less than 90 euros it is possible to ensure a tractor with the necessary guarantees to work with him and perform agricultural work safely.

To contract a Tractor Insurance you can trust our Insurance comparator . We can offer you the protection you need for the tractor with leading insurers, in an easy and fast way.

However, at the time of contracting it is advisable that you have these documents at hand

  • Driving license and Vehicle Technical Data Sheet.
  • Data of the policyholder and / or owner of the vehicle (name and surname, ID, date of birth, license date, postal and electronic address).
  • Bank details to direct the payment of the premium.

Only with that, every farmer can take out Insurance for his tractor or agricultural machinery in just one click and focus on his farm. Read More About: ifuntv

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