New Mexico truck accident 101: Tips to find an attorney

On-road collisions and mishaps are not rare or unusual in New Mexico. However, the consequences are often devastating when an accident involves a commercial truck or an 18-wheeler. Truck accidents are challenging and complex to investigate. Just because there was an accident, you cannot merely blame the trucker. Various parties – the trucking company, the repair service, manufacturer, and the truck loading service – could have a role in the accident in different measures. Gathering evidence and fighting the big legal battle won’t be easy, which is precisely why you need a reliable New Mexico truck accident lawyer on your side. Here are some quick tips for selecting an attorney worth your time.

Ask about experience

This one is a no-brainer. Only a handful of attorneys in the state handle truck accident lawsuits or have the necessary experience to take up a legal battle. You need an attorney you can trust with their track record. Ask questions like –

  1. How frequently do you take truck accident lawsuits in your practice?
  2. How often do you go to court for similar cases?
  3. What is your success rate?

Also, it is a good idea to ask the attorney about references.

Check reviews

When are you most likely to make an effort and post an online review of a lawyer? Typically, people do so when they are supremely dissatisfied with a service. Too many bad reviews indicate an attorney’s lack of proficiency. You can find true testimonials and reviews on social media pages or on search engines. Find the things that clients have to say about the lawyer’s approach.

Trial experience is critical

Insurance companies are infamous for offering low-ball settlements. The claims adjuster wouldn’t want to go to court for obvious reasons, and it is on your attorney as to how they negotiate a fair settlement. However, there is a slim chance that your truck accident lawsuit ends up in court. If that happens, you will need an attorney who has the necessary courtroom experience and confidence.

Know the fee

Most truck accident lawyers in NM do not charge an hourly rate. Instead, they work on a contingency fee, which is payable when you win. The fee of an attorney could be higher for a truck accident case compared to a standard auto accident claim, but it doesn’t exceed 40% with most law firms.

Ensure that you are aware of your claim’s worth before you proceed with the case.  

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