Movies counter | Moviescounter | Is Movies counter a Legitimate Program Or Just a Huge Waste of Time?

Moviescounter is an online torrent site, which automatically uploads all its movies as free-pirated content on the Internet. While it’s not illegal, this kind of action has negatively affected the reputation of legitimate movie distributors. Movies counter isn’t a legal piracy site, however; instead, it is a rogue site run by an unknown group of people. It also includes movies that have been downloaded from other illegal sites, so don’t think you’re downloading movies for free.

The main site of Moviescounter contains movies in various genres. You can either search by genre or an actor or actress. It’s possible to get movies like the newest releases, upcoming Hollywood movies, favorite films, recent favorites, recent foreign movies, famous TV shows, recent news, comedy clips, and even music videos. There are more than 4000 movies uploaded daily.

This movie download site allows free downloading of many popular Hollywood films including, Big Fish, Dazed and Confused, Fantastic Four, Men in Black, Rambo, Scrubs, Unbreakable, and The Hangover. The selection isn’t bad at all, with more films that I had never heard of. And if you ever find your favorite films on Moviescounter, you can always go back and download them from there or stream them on your home television. There are many other Hollywood movies sites available online.

Moviescounter isn’t just a site offering movies for download. It also offers movies in a “special offer” format, exclusively for members. These movies are usually two to four months old, and cost $4.99 shipping and handling. For example, if you order a Harry Potter special offer download, you’ll be getting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the price of a Twilight movie.

The only downfall is that if you ever download movies illegally using Moviescounter, you’ll probably get caught by the MPAA. This has always been the case with other similar websites. Since not all people use legal downloading software, it’s pretty much impossible to tell if the site you’re trying to download from is doing so through a legitimate source or not. Because of this, Moviescounter customers have started leaving the site and moving onto the better, legitimate downloading websites.

If you ever run across any free downloading website offering films over the internet, don’t hesitate to give it a try. While it may be difficult to locate any good quality films through these websites, they can save you a lot of money on paying premium cable and movie channels. You may want to take advantage of the current recession and purchase your favorite films from one of the many reputable piracy websites, as opposed to paying through various websites on the internet.

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