Los Angeles auto accident: Don’t miss these pointers

Nothing is worse than getting injured in a road accident, particularly when the other driver was clearly negligent or at fault. Sadly, such crashes and accidents happen quite often in Los Angeles. California is a tort state, and therefore, you could claim compensation for your injuries. The settlement should cover your immediate and future economic & non-economic losses related to the accident. Getting a fair settlement from the insurance company won’t be easy, which is precisely why you need to lawyer up. Consider consulting one of the reputed car accident attorneys Los Angeles to know the worth of your claim. For your help, here are a few pointers worth noting. 

  1. You have limited time. California’s statute of limitations sets a deadline of two years to file car accident lawsuits. If you don’t take action within that time, the court will dismiss your case. This deadline starts from the date of the accident. If you lost a family member in the crash, you have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. 
  2. Your fault is a key factor for the final compensation. When two or more drivers are at fault for a car accident, the pure comparative fault rule is used in California. You can claim compensation from the other at-fault party even when you are more at fault. However, your final settlement depends on your fault percentage. 
  3. You must hire a lawyer. Let’s make it clear – It is not legally mandatory to hire a lawyer for your car accident claim. However, you could improve your chances of getting a fair settlement by hiring a lawyer. Lawyers are skilled negotiators and know the tactics that insurance companies typically use to deny and delay claims. 
  4. You need to take the necessary steps. Immediately after the accident, you have to take a few steps. Firstly, call 911 if someone is injured and seek medical attention. Next, call the local police and inform them of the crash. Don’t run away from the scene or admit fault to anyone. Also, take photos and videos of the accident scene. 
  5. You don’t have to pay a lawyer right away. All car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee in LA. You only pay the attorney if you make a recovery. Your lawyer can charge up to 40% of the final settlement, depending on the work involved and their experience. 

Get an attorney right away to bolster your car accident claim. 

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