Look at the baccarat square easily. How to play for real money with FOXZ24.

First of all, players must know what is baccarat Look at the Baccarat square Baccarat is a type of gambling that will use bounce cards as a device to play or bet. In the past, this type of gambling is available in general stores. When the number of players is more and more popular, it has added a channel to serve as a general casino and today it has developed a form of play.

To be more comfortable and easily accessible บาคาร่า no matter where can play anywhere That is the online format, so Baccarat is known more and more. Once the players know what baccarat is, we will look at how to play baccarat, the basic rules of play and how to play baccarat, and how to get rich if players are interested in trying to play first. You can go to play at FOXZ24. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed for sure.

How to view baccarat squares Play Baccarat Online Basics

  • When the player enters to apply for membership with FOXZ24, then the player transfers money to the main account in the live casino club.
  • Then the player will be able to choose to place 3 types of bets, namely the owner, the draw, and the draw.
  • If the player chooses to place bets on the banker’s side The player will lose 5% of the player’s earned money.
  • Players will be able to choose an additional card or a third card. If the score that the player gets is less than 4 points
  • When a player wins in placing a bet The team will transfer the money to the players. Play can be immediately logged into the player’s account.
  • Once the win and loss have been decided Players will no longer be able to protest about the win or loss.

Rules for playing baccarat online

Dealing Cards

Dealing cards will have requirements ทดลองเล่นบาคาร่า because In the game each time The dealer will deal the cards. to the player and the dealer, Players are able to place bets. Each side is dealt 2 cards of the same number. Once the player has received both cards, a 3rd card can be requested only if the player’s card is less than 4 points, then a 3rd card is requested. Conditionally


Baccarat games have a very simple point count. Just the player sees that the face of the card that the player has, the number of points of each card corresponds to the number of the card’s face. but if it is A, there will be 1 point, but if it is an English character such as J, Q, or K, it will count as 0 points, the highest point is 9 points if either side has points closest to 9 or has points 9 points will win the game immediately.


There are two types of deductions in the game of Baccarat. The first is a 5% deduction, the second is no 5% deduction. The 5% deduction occurs only when the player chooses to place a bet on the banker’s side. And that the player is not deducted 5% only when the player chooses to place a bet on the player’s side.

How To Play Baccarat Get Rich Get Real Money

  1. Baccarat betting must be conscious and calm.

How important is being mindful and calm in playing Baccarat? If the player is impatient Will cause the player to lose concentration, fear, and when losing will make the player unable to control his emotions Ease of mood That may be the reason why players are not conscious of playing the game of Baccarat. and easily lose money Suggest that players should be conscious and calm.

  1. Set goals, goals for making money each day.

Setting goals is very important. For example, today players want 500 600 700 800 baht or as much as the players are satisfied. Play will depend on the capital that is added to the player. The more capital, the more likely to be profitable as well, and most importantly, Goal, goals, the desired amount per day. must be consistent with the number of plays each time for example;

  • The player will place a bet of 50 baht, the minimum required amount may be 500 baht (excluding capital).
  • Players bet 100 baht, the minimum required amount may be 1000 baht (excluding capital).
  • Players bet 200 baht, the minimum required amount may be 2000 baht (excluding capital).

An example that players have seen uses a formula of multiplying by 10 for each bet, for example, 50*10,100*10,200*10. It will be the minimum amount that the player has. Each player’s bet must have a pattern or pattern to play. For example, in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd turn, the player bets 50 baht and loses all 3 eyes in a row. In the 4th turn, the player bets 100 baht, but if winning in the 4th eye and receiving the prize money In the next turn, the player returns to bet at 50 baht, but if they don’t win, increase the bet to 150 baht in the 5th turn when the player has achieved the Goal or goal. stop playing immediately.

As if the player had completed the mission itself. that allows the player to stop playing immediately once the target has been achieved If the player does not restrain himself May cause zero players to lose all the winning prizes, it is possible to Stop yourself to manage your impending greed. Being mindful of playing is very important in playing online baccarat games.

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