Ladies PG Near Me: Tips To Find The Best Accommodation

Planning to leave your city for higher education or a job?! Your life is going to be changed a lot being a new girl in the city. You will have to care for all your needs without your mother, father, or siblings nearby. But fortunately, it is going to teach life lessons. You are going to face a lot of hurdles like finding the right accommodation, adopting a new lifestyle, and communicating and building networks with new people. Most importantly, you will have to do all the chores on your own that you used to make your mother, father, or younger siblings do. But these are not a big deal to get away with. Difficult is finding a suitable accommodation. You can start the initial search by typing ladies PG near me in the Google search bar. The search results will show various nearby options to explore. For more tips, stay tuned.

Tips for finding the ladies PG 

Ask friends and relative

Everyone was at the stage where you are at present. So, don’t feel shy asking help from your peers. Whether college seniors or relatives, reach for their guidance help. They can share their worthy experiences and make you aware of the red flags to avoid while searching for a PG for girls. 

  • Search online

When your relatives and college buddies fail to guide you through, seek help from search engines. They have a directory of all possible PGs in the area you are looking for. When searching online, make sure you use the right keywords to refine your searches. For example, if you are looking for a PG in Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar area, specify the location with your search keywords. 

  • Spread the word on social media

Social media sites are the new platform for marketing products and services. Use your social media accounts to spread your words about finding a suitable PG for ladies. You can use paid searches or post your queries in various groups online, and you will find a profitable lead. 

  • Explore the market 

Some areas are only known for clustered PG accommodation in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Every nearing house could be a good prospect for your search. Find out about such areas and roam around to find a suitable PG. In Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, Katwaria Sarai, etc., are prominent locations famous for PG accommodations. 

Once you have gathered more than one option, compare them based on amenities and comfort you desire. Based on important aspects, you can shortlist the one and shift there. A few elements which can play a considerable role in shortlisting a suitable PG for girls are;

  • Location of the PG 

Always prefer to rent a PG near your office or college. You won’t have to spend hours in the metro or city bus to commute. 

  • Convenience to commute

The PG for ladies should be well connected to transport mediums. It should have the convenience to find all types of commute including metro, bus, and taxis when needed. 

  • Security

It is the 21st century, and still, women have to look for their safety first. Thus, when living alone in a totally new city, you must take care of people you live with or travel. Similarly, the place where you are staying as a paying guest should provide you a 24/7 security. The property should also have a CCTV camera installed. 

  • Budget

The first step towards your independence starts with taking care of your expenses. Thus, if you are working and planning to shift to a PG, make sure it compliments your budget. Later, as you get increments or promotions, you can upgrade your space or shift to a better place. 

Is it your first time living in a PG? 

If this is your first time living in a PG accommodation, you need to know these tips. 

  • Shared spaces always pose challenges in maintaining good hygiene. Therefore, follow a disciplined routine. 
  • Time is important to manage in a PG. You are not alone to attend office/college. All wake up at the same time and run towards the washroom. Make sure you rise early in the morning, so you don’t have to end up in a queue. 
  • Don’t dare to break PG rules. Most ladies PG don’t allow going outside in the night and late-night male friends. So, better you adhere to their rules or choose a PG according to your preferences. 
  • Don’t share your personal items with others. Excessive sharing should be frowned upon. In case you wish to have a cordial exchange, make sure you are not exploited at all.

So, with all these tips, you will find a good PG and survive there for a long. If you have not started the search yet, explore Stanzaliving to find the best options. 


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