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Kagithane Istanbul real estate

Kagithane Istanbul has a thriving real estate market, a strong sense of community, and a wide range of options for people of all ages who want to live there. People worldwide are interested in purchasing properties in Kagithane because of its affordable prices per square foot and the city’s ongoing urban redevelopment projects. Located on Istanbul’s European side, it has about 500,000 people and an area of 14.52 square meters. Eye, Beşiktaş, isle, and Eroglu are all nearby neighbourhoods in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. It lies west of the Bosporus, one of its most important waterways.

In Kagithane, there are properties for sale.

In Kagithane, there are a lot of good properties. Kagithane, a district of Istanbul, consists of 19 distinct neighbourhoods. Most notable among these are Hami dye and Nurture, the main centre, Tensile, Ottobar and Mehmet Akif, and Yahya Kemal Vesicle and Serinette. Kagithane’s real estate market is changing as the city undergoes urban regeneration. Discounted prices and payment terms up to 48 months can be found in many off-plan houses for sale in Kagithane. The construction of a new house, in addition to onsite amenities like fitness centres, indoor swimming pools, Turkish baths, landscaped gardens, and playgrounds, Kagithane apartments for sale include a wide range of community features. Homes for sale in Kagithane are generous in size, making them ideal for families. In addition, there are numerous villas to choose from in the area. Luxurious complexes are available for sale in Kagithane, where some real estate is on the market. Apartments For Sale in Kagithane Istanbul, commercial properties can also be found. Get in touch with Istanbul Homes if you want to buy land in Kagithane.

The Story of Kagithane’s Success

King Kagithane and his retinue hunted in the forest of Kagithane while it was still part of the Ottoman Empire. Paper mills and other industrial facilities began to spring up in the area, and as a result, the town’s name was changed to “paper house” in Turkish. However, mass migration in the 1950s quickly turned it into a slum town. Legalization and implementation of a residential atmosphere were the goals of local officials. Istanbul residents began flocking to Kagithane due to the city’s success; it was eventually separated from an isle in 1987 to become an independent municipality.

Getting to and from the destination

Turkish Airlines has regular flights to and from Istanbul International Airport, which is just a 30-minute drive from Kagithane, and the TEM highway is just 17.5 kilometres away. The Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge, located just 20 minutes from Istanbul’s Asian side, is another perk. Kalikow and Sukumar, as well as other up-and-coming areas. Public transportation in Kagithane and other parts of Istanbul, on the other hand, is easily accessible via an efficient and inexpensive bus system.

Kagithane is an excellent place for shopping, leisure, and entertainment.

Cinemas, cultural centres, and entertainment malls are all within easy reach for residents of Kagithane. Property owners in Kagithane can take advantage of a retail scene that rivals the best in the world. It’s a family-friendly environment that caters to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle preferences, thanks to Trump Mall’s cinema, art gallery, kid’s clubs, theatre, and numerous shops. Luxury shopping and dining can be found nearby in the upmarket and exclusive neighbourhood of Infantas, which is a short drive away. High-end boutiques and international brands can be found on Abdi Pieck Street in Infantas. In addition to Takis, Istanbul’s shopping and nightlife district, ten kilometres away, numerous restaurants and bars.

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