Is it hard to qualify for social security disability?

The clear answer to this is YES. It is quite hard to qualify for Social Security Disability as the criteria set by the SSA are very strict. But you must understand that these rules are set to prevent any fraud. The SSD program by the United States government is designed to help workers with long-term disabilities or severe disabilities cover up their damages if they are unable to work anymore due to their medical condition. A social security disability lawyer can be much beneficial in the process. How? If you wish to know, click here

 A short-time disability is different from a long-term disability. A long-term disability can change your life completely. A long-term disability can prevent you from working, and if you are the sole earner of your family, it becomes quite difficult to carry on with your life after such a mishap. SSD benefits are there to help people who are suffering from a long-term or critical medical condition.

Can I get rejected even if I have a serious disability?

The process to qualify for the SSD benefit can be quite difficult. A lot of paperwork and documents have to be taken care of. The Social Security Administration has a strict way to review applications. And just not that but SSA also has certain other criteria which are needed to get through. Although there is always a slight risk of getting rejected even if you have a long-term disability, you can expect a smooth qualification for SSD benefits if you are suffering from a genuine disability.

How can I get denied?

  • Lack of medical records

You must be able to prove your medical condition. You must have the required medical records, MRI scan, CAT scan, or X Rays to prove your disability.

  • Previous trials

If you have tried before and were denied, and you are applying again, there is a good chance of disqualification.

  • Income 

If you have been in a job that pays you an average of $1350 or more, you are more likely to be disqualified. 

  • Job

Your chances for qualifications also depend on the job you do. If you have been working in a job that is not covered by SSA, you will be disqualified. Also, you must meet a certain minimum working period.

  • Work credits

You must have worked in a job for a long enough time to collect enough work credits which are very important for qualification for SSD benefits.

Although it is quite difficult to qualify for SSD benefits due to the strict rules of SSA, if you have the evidence from your medical records and you genuinely have a severe and long-time disability, it must be easy for you to qualify.

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