Importance of Work Instructions

Most of us have used work instructions without knowing that that is what they are called. The reason is that for the end-users they are termed as ‘user manuals‘ or ‘instructions manual.’ They come in handy when we have to set up our newly bought TV set, couch, a new stereo, etc. These are the guide books that contain the ‘how to’ information. Similarly, the work instructions are the ‘how to’ guidelines for the new recruits. They let the new workers know how to operate the machinery, handle customers, and work about in the office. The perfectly written work instructions provide several advantages. You can see to help you in this regard.

Work Instructions Help Train Employees

All workplaces are equipped with several complex machines that require special care. All the new workers have to be briefed on operating the machinery and how to take care of it. The best way to do it is through an instruction manual. This is because an instruction manual covers all the aspects. The human might forget a crucial point while briefing. The use of manuals avoids this error. In addition to machinery, the workers must also know how to deal with customers. The manual provides them a reference to go through to improve their dealings.

Work Instructions Eliminate Waiting

If the workers are not provided with instructions, they have to wait for their superiors to be free and then ask them their questions and be guided regarding the work. In comparison, if proper work instructions are available, the newly hired workers can be guided through the manual. They would be briefed about performing the task, saving valuable time. Everyone will perform the task in the exact same manner as instructed. All the tasks will be completed in time as the next group is also briefed when to take over.

Work Instructions Eliminate Errors and Defects

If a person guides and instructs the new recruits, the chances of them understanding him perfectly depend on his ability to teach, deliver the words, and make them understand the instructions. In comparison, the perfectly written work instructions brief the new recruits, and workers completely and clearly. Since all the workers get the same briefing through the manual, everyone does the same work accurately. This eliminates the majority of errors and defects caused by briefing dependent on the communication skills of the instructor.

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