Impact of Private Tuition

Education has a very extended area which has a lot of subjects to teach and learn. This process requires a lot of resources like improved infrastructure, advanced teaching techniques and online teaching tools. Educational procedures of schools, colleges and institutions are quite difficult and time-consuming. Also, in a crowded classroom of 30-40 students minimum it can’t be logically correct that each and every student in that classroom will be able to understand the topics taught by the teacher. It is so because in such a crowded class a single teacher can’t pay attention to each and every student that too in a limited time interval. Because of these reasons private tuitions have gained attention of parents and tutors also. Just because of these above explained reasons, many tutors entered the market of education and gave all the required facilities. Even in the time of pandemic Covid-19, tutors learned how to teach online and provided private tuitions online. Private tuitions are getting so much popular because a private tutor provides education concentrated to students and completes the course with utmost personal care which as explained initially here, many schools and institutions fail to do so. Keeping this in mind private tutors give their best while teaching the student, they provide education needed for good learning and also teach the students in innovative ways too as they also know how to teach online.

Nowadays tutors have made this a good business to teach with their best ability and earn good also and parents are also happy to see that their kids are getting proper and concentrated attention by the tutor and they learn also in good manner with ample amount of knowledge and information. Now to understand the impact of Private Tuition it is very necessary to understand advantages and disadvantages of private tuition:


  • When a student studies in private tuition, he or she not only gets personal care and attention from the tutor but also one to one interaction with the teacher which gives chances to the student to ask solutions to their questions and confusions. Because in a crowded class of 30-40 students’ kids don’t get a chance to ask their queries particularly to the teachers and this chance they get in private tuition.
  • In private tuitions teachers often provide special teaching materials designed by these private tutors including their own creativity in it, which institutions don’t provide. Due to their expertise and speciality in particular subjects such teachers become very popular and earn also very well due to it.
  • It’s a bitter truth that the classroom environment is not enough for the students to deal with clarification of doubts and in such situations private tutors perform very well to solve the doubts with proper concentration. For the clarification of doubts private tutors keep on taking tests time to time and spend many hours to elucidate the topics and subjects to the students which is not possible in any condition for a tutor handling class or many students.
  • Private tutors can also be called small scale business people because they do not work according to any institution, instead they work freelance and enjoy this freedom to teach according to their own designed and creative teaching material. Their awesome teaching methods deliver results also where students get good scores hence parents also pay them well.


  • Sometimes when private tutors see that their popularity level is going sky high then start to charge very high fees for the tuition and this makes many parents uncomfortable because every parent wants their children to study under best guidance so it crosses the limit of affordability.
  • Students sometimes get too dependent on their private tutors and when particular tasks are given to them which are told to be done according to the class teacher’s instructions then kids get confused.
  • Many times payment issues happen when even after so much effort from the tutor, the student could not perform well then, some parents refuse to pay decided fees as the student could not perform well. This situation has created a trust issue between parents and tutors.
  • The tutor is a freelancer and not governed by any authority hence proper attendance and performance is not monitored by anyone and the same happens from the student’s side as nobody is there to monitor whether the student is paying proper attention properly to tuition or not.

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