How To Wear Gemstones To Gain Maximum Benefits

Wearing a gemstone on your person has been shown to alter your aura. Gemstones like jade can provide you with uplifting and healing energy, as well as transform your perspective on life. Birthstone gems online are not the same as gemstones. Gemstones are determined by the position of stars and planets at the moment of your birth, whereas birthstones are determined by the month you were born in.

Because no two people have the same gemstone, picking the right one is much more important. The choice of a gemstone to wear is a significant one. Many people feel that buying gemstones and putting them around your neck is the only way to obtain them; however, this is not the case.

When should you wear your gems and what time of day should you do so?

Gemstones act primarily through light reflection and absorption, as well as touch. One of our key goals in Gem therapy is maximum light mobility, which is why we recommend using only Khanna Gems with the highest possible clarity and purity of colour.

The most prevalent blunder is to believe that gems can be worn at any time. Even if you buy gemstones online, you won’t be able to wear them every day of the week or on odd days. Each gemstone has a specific time and day when it should be worn.

Here’s a rundown of jewels and when they should be worn:

There are definitely a wide variety of Gem Selections available but some of the common ones with their preferred date of wearing are:

  • Sapphire (Yellow):

Jupiter’s planetary stone is yellow sapphire. On Thursdays, during sunrise, this stone should be worn. Only bright metal, such as gold, should be used to mount it.

  • Emerald: 

Emerald is a green to greenish-blue form of Beryl, a mineral family that also includes Aquamarine and other gemstones. One of the most fascinating and gorgeous gemstones is emerald. It is one among the most costly gemstones because to its magnificent green colour, durability, and rarity. The most popular emerald hue is deep green.

Mercury is represented by the planetary stone emerald. This stone should only be worn on Wednesdays at sunrise. Emerald is compatible with all metals and can be mounted on gold, silver, and other precious metals.

  • Blue Sapphire: 

Due to its hue, hardness, durability, and brilliance, sapphire is the most valuable and desired blue gemstone. The size, colour, and transparency of this gemstone determine its value. Sapphire is a gemstone that represents peace, friendship, and loyalty.

Saturn’s planetary stone is blue sapphire. It’s best to wear it on Saturday at sunset. White metals, such as silver or white gold, should be used to mount it.

  • Venus-Stones:

On Friday morning, Venus stones such as Diamond, Opal, White Sapphire, and even natural Jarkan can be worn. White metals, such as Silver or White gold, should be used to mount them.

  • Ruby:

Ruby is a red variant of the mineral Corundum, which is also known as Sapphire and is one of the hardest minerals on the planet. Colorless Sapphires were previously popular gemstone imitations because the material Corundum is colourless in its purest form. However, the colourless Corundum is highly uncommon; most Corundum contains brief trace elements that aid it to become incorporated into the mineral’s crystal structure, resulting in colour differences. The corundum is red Ruby when the trace components are chromium.

Ruby is a stone associated with the Sun. Only wear this red gemstone on Sundays during sunrise. This stone can only be worn on the right hand by men, however it can be worn on either the right or left hand by women.

  • Pearl: 

Pearl is an organic jewel that is possibly the most well-known of all time. Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls are the two varieties of pearls. Natural pearls are created organically when an irritant unintentionally enters the soft tissue muscle of the oyster. This irritant, such as saltwater sand or grit, triggers the oyster’s defensive mechanism, leading it to generate layers of nacre that eventually form a natural Pearl.White and cream are the most common Pearl colours. Black, grey, and silver are also extremely frequent, although Pearl’s colour range encompasses every shade. 

Pearl is the Moon’s stone. It should only be worn before sunrise on Mondays. It’s meant to be worn on the ring finger. Men should wear this on their right hand alone, similar to Ruby, whereas women can wear it on either hand.

We advocate talking with a gemmologist or astrologist despite the fact that they are the most typical prescriptions offered when you consult with a gemmologist. Wearing gemstones on a whim or at random times can be more harmful than beneficial. These require routine maintenance and should be worn correctly to provide the greatest results.

What are the steps to wearing a gemstone?

Make sure the bottom-tip of your gemstone is always touching your skin, whether you’re wearing it in a ring or a pendant. 

Purification of gemstones is also required on a regular basis and should be done every other time you wear them. Gemstones must be cared for on a regular basis in order to retain their effectiveness. As the stones assist us in releasing energetic impurities, some of these energies stick to the gems’ surface, preventing them from performing at their best. These energy will be cleared and the jewels will be restored to their natural lively form with a simple energetic cleansing. Several minutes of frequent maintenance will keep your gems vital and ready to assist you in taking the next step in your recovery and progress.

Gemstone purification can be done with either Ganga Jal or raw cow’s milk. To purify your stone, fill a dish halfway with any of the liquids and dip your gemstone three times. Repeat the mantra 108 times while dipping.Your purifying mantra is determined by your birthstone and stars. One of the reasons you should contact a competent gemmologist or visit the link for more details.

A cracked gemstone should never be worn. If you find a crack or chip in your stone, you should call your gemmologist right once to determine if it may be replaced.


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