Just like the best tote bags, fanny belt bags are fashionable and comfortable accessories that are famous among celebrities. A fanny belt bag will give you quick and easy access to all your essentials, regardless of how you style it. You are free to switch different styles until you find the most suitable for you. Read on styling tips

1.  Wear the Belt Bag Around Your Waist

Wearing a fanny pack around the waist is a classic way to wear this bag the same way you would your usual belt. When the bag has a thick strap, you can wear it as a normal belt. However, you can also fasten it on top of your clothing. You can rotate the bag to the front or the side, depending on your preference.

If you choose to wear the fanny belt around your waist, you can style it in one of the following ways

  1. i)      Over a modernized trench coat
  2. ii)     On top of sleek workwear

iii)     With casual separates 

2.  Wear the Belt Bag Around Your Back

This is a unique approach to wearing a fanny bag. Wearing the fanny bag on your back is fashionable and undoubtedly makes a statement. However, this style may not be a safe option, especially if you are walking around in places where pick-pocketers are common. But if you are in a safe place, you can accessorize this way.

3.  Wear it Across Your Chest with A Layered Look.

Go for a layered look where the fanny bag is on top of the jacket. This style is perfect for those cold days when wearing a jacket is inevitable; a fanny belt bag will make it fashionable. You will have an easy time accessing your necessary items in the bag. This style will allow you to zip up your jacket for warmth.

With this style, you can go for:

  1. i)      A monochrome look
  2. ii)     A sporty look

iii)      Casual wear

  1. iv)    Leather on leather
  2. v)     Office chic
  3. vi)    Oversized Separates

4.  Go for a Layered Look that Covers your Fanny Bag

For a fashionable look with a fanny bag, try a layered look with the fanny bag across your chest. Make sure to slide the bag closer to your hand, which is not only fashionable but also a safe option. The zipper is close to your hand for easy access and for safekeeping.

You can try this option to add a pop of color to your style. This option can also work well with knitwear and jackets. You can also play around with prints. This style can easily upgrade your look.

When wearing loose outfits and you want to create a silhouette with a slim waist, the bag can serve as a waist cincher. It will flatter and streamline your shape while at the same time showing off your curves. Depending on your body shape, wearing a fanny bag on top of your layers can help to accentuate your waistline and curves.

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