How to Start Torchlight: Infinite journey Smoothly? – A must see for beginners

Torchlight: Infinite has always been loved by players as an Action RPGs. One of the reasons this wtf games is so popular is the variety of customization it offers us.

For example, when fighting the hordes and bosses in the Torchlight series, you can tailor the appropriate skills and select the best equipment for your game character according to your own play style and combat strategy. You can even adjust your stats.

However, for beginners, everything in the game including characters, skills, equipment, etc. is unfamiliar to them. If you want to be the best in Torchlight: Infinite, there are some important details you have to grasp ahead of time. So, what should you do?

  1. Experience Different Heroes

There are five different types of heroes in Torchlight: Infinite and each hero has its own unique play style and skills. So the first thing we need to do is try out these heroes as soon as possible. Only by constantly trying, will you gradually become familiar with them. This way you can pick the right fighter faster when fighting with the enemy!

If you like melee combat, I suggest you try Moto or Rehan first. If you like ranged attacks, I suggest you try Carino, Gemma or Youga. Among them, Youga is special, he has both melee and long-range characteristics.

If you are a beginner , I would recommend you to play Rehan or Gemma. If you have a little experience, I suggest you try the interesting combination of Moto and Carino.

It is worth noting that these heroes are not only the difference between ranged and melee. They are also very different in skills and abilities. In particular, there are some features that only certain heroes have. For example, Moto has the ability to summon minions to fight for him. Besides, only Carino has an ammo system.

  1. Use Movement Effectively To Stay Alive

In some ARPGs, some operations are very simple. Depending on your play style, you can choose to stay still, tank damage, or focus on attacking. However, in Torchlight: Infinite it’s not that simple. Because it’s an isometric game, you have to use your movements efficiently to stay alive. So, what exactly should we do?

First, you must learn kite enemies to survive. Kiting means that you have to keep attacking your enemies from a distance. As soon as they get close to you, you need to get away from them immediately.

Therefore, ranged heroes tend to be better at kiting. The characteristic of melee heroes is that they need to be close to the enemies in order to cause damage to them, so if they want to survive, they must withstand certain attacks. Specifically, melee heroes need to balance their movement and attack at the right moment. When their health is low, they should choose to run away. When their moves cooldown end, they should immediately attack the enemies.

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  1. Modify Your Skills

As the game progresses, the skills you have can continue to increase. However, most novice players, at the beginning, can only use at most two skills, one offensive skill and one defensive skill. In order to fight and survive better, you need to increase your strength by adjusting your skills.

If you have Youga’s Ice Lance ability, you can choose between two ways. You can choose either Instant Heal or Heal Over Time Potion as your second skill. You can also equip the Multiple Projectiles perk to shoot three icicles, increasing your hit rate against enemies.

Of course, as you level up, you can not only unlock more skills, but also customize more skill combinations.

  1. Customize Your Talents

After you fine-tune your skills, your flexibility has improved even further. The next thing you have to do is use Talents to boost your stats. Once you’ve identified the hero you want to boost, choose a talent tree that fits your chosen hero. For example, if you want to make your Rehan stronger, you’ll want to choose a talent tree that focuses on strength.

Since each tree has a different branch, and each tree contains both minor and medium talents, you should definitely put skill points on them as required. At the same time, you should also note that you can only continue to place skill points on medium talents after you have placed the required skill points on the minor talents.

  1. Collect More Loot

Like other Action RPGs, bosses in Torchlight: Infinite drop random items after you’ve defeated them. If you’re a novice player, each of your heroes will need a lot of gear to maximize their stats. So, I recommend that you loot as much as possible all enemies you encounter and pick up all dropped equipment. Because you can wait until the end to filter the equipment.

When you pick up these dropped equipment, you will find that each equipment is marked with a different level. The higher the level, the rarer it is. And the rarer the equipment, the higher the corresponding stats. Therefore, in general, common equipment will appear more often than the rarest legendary equipment.

By the way, you can also buy Torchlight Infinite Currency a lot to help you collect more loot.

  1. Balance Survivability And DPS

In addition to this, if you can’t balance your survivability and DPS well, you will encounter the following problems. For example, simply increasing your DPS means that your survivability is not guaranteed. If you increase your survivability too much, it will cause insufficient damage, and the time required for the battle will also increase relatively. If you want to balance your characters, you must first determine whether the enemy you must first determine whether the enemy is a tank hero or a hero with high damage, and then make corresponding adjustments.

You can balance your character with skills, equipment, and talents. For difficult bosses, you need to find a good single-target damage skill. You can effectively increase your defense and damage by adjusting your talents. You can also increase your survivability and DPS if you have the right gear and items.

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