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How to Sort Our Common Household Problems

As homeowners, we all experience the same household problems, which can be frustrating at the best of times. Here at We Buy Any House, we have provided a few solutions on how to sort out the most common household problems.

You Have Scratches on Your Hardwood Floor:

Having scratches on your floor can be a symbol of your house being haunted, and a ghoul residing in the property.

Or it could be your shoes that have actually scratched the hardwood floor and they need to be cleaned. The act of wearing shoes on hardwood floors, alongside other things such as moving furniture etc. are huge reasons as to why your floor may end up looking a little scratched, gouged or scuffed. An easy way to fix this is to use stain markers to remove any easily fixed stains or marks. However, for scratches that are a little deeper, you may need to use something such as acrylic wax filler or a paste wax and find a colour that matches perfectly you’re flooring.

You Have a Horrid Smell in Your House Coming From Under Your Sink:

When we have awful smells coming from our house, sometimes this can almost be stomach churning. Especially if the bad smell seems to be coming from underneath your sink. However, the bad smell coming from underneath your sink could also be caused by a sink trap being dry. Typically, a sink trap is filled with water, which provides a barrier from any odours being able to build up. But if this part of the sink was badly poorly installed or if the plumbing has faulty drainage, this can cause the whole area to smell.

Your Electrical Switches Smell of Burning and then Turn Off:

Probably the most concerning home fault to happen, if your electrical switches begin to smell of burning and then switch off, then it’s a sign to get an electrician out. It could be happening for a number of reasons, from anything such as your outlet going dead, or your circuit breaker tripping. And although none of them are good, there’s still no need to panic- and you definitely shouldn’t try and fix it yourself.

Your Door Keeps on Slamming Shut by Itself:

One of the biggest jump scares, especially when you are home alone, is when the door slams shut by itself. However, don’t worry! Your house isn’t haunted, and instead, there’s probably a very realistic solution to this problem. Your door is probably hanging out of plumb and has probably begun to fit loosely in the fitting of the doorway. All that needs to be done is the jamb plate needs to be restored in the doorway, and this way it will stop swinging in and out.

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