How to Ship Pallets in a Cheap and Eco-Friendly Way

Pallets are a common form of shipping. It is not only cheap but also eco-friendly. However, getting pallets shipped from the warehouse to the destination can be quite expensive for small companies.

This is where eco-pallet services come into play which offer pallet distribution and shipping services at very low rates for small businesses.

Pallet distribution and shipping services are a boon for small businesses that need to ship their goods in bulk from warehouses to destinations such as retail stores, markets, manufacturers, and distributors.

Shipping pallets are the most popular mode of transport for international shipping.

Most shipping companies require a lot of paperwork and fees to get a shipment on a pallet.

However, that is not always the case with some of the newer players in the shipping industry.

They offer their services for a fraction of the price and do not charge any additional fee for transporting on a pallet. Moreover, they make sure that all their shipments are environmentally friendly by recycling old or used packing materials which otherwise would be thrown away.

Our Plain Pallets do everything you need them to do. They are manufactured to ensure they are high-quality and durable, and they are covered by our full public liability insurance.

Online Transportation Firms Expand to Pallet Shipping with Low Cost Service

With a wide range of transport services, a growing variety of options to choose from in the market, and a large customer base with different needs, online transportation firms have been trying to differentiate themselves in order to stand out.

A few transportation firms have been testing out the use of drones for deliveries. In South Africa, DHL has been using autonomous drones for remote deliveries to hard-to-reach areas where trucks can’t go. In the Netherlands, an online transportation company is using electric cargo bikes that deliver packages from one point to another through towns and cities that are too congested or difficult for cars and trucks.

Online transportation companies are also expanding their services by adding pallet shipping capabilities.

One of the most common and best ways to transport goods internationally is through the use of a pallet. Pallets are used to move all kinds of items, from smaller items like food or garments to large items like machines and furniture.

There are many benefits that come with using a pallet delivery service. Pallet deliveries are an inexpensive way to ship goods internationally, this is because they use less fuel than other forms of international shipping such as sea freight transportation. Pallets have a wide range, which means they can be used for any type of item from small food deliveries all the way up to large machinery and furniture pieces that weigh up to 3,000 pounds.

Online transportation firms are expanding their business to pallet shipping. Low cost services are attracting customers because of the low fee and the time saved in delivery. To know more about pallet shipping, please check Shiply – one of the best shipping company.

Pallet Shipment Costs and Best Practices for Reduced Costs

Pallet shipment cost is a large percentage of the total order cost. This section will help you to work out the best practices for reduced costs in your pallet shipping.

The main contributors to shipping costs are weight, box size, and destination location.

In general, the more goods you ship in one box, the cheaper it will be.

In contrast, in general shipping with a larger box will be more expensive than shipping with a smaller box.

Finally, shipping to a less populated location is going to cost you less money than if you’re sending something across the country.

Pallet shipping costs can be reduced by implementing certain best practices. These practices include:

  1. Order a pallet with a lower weight per package and lighter weight packages,
  2. Share a truck with other shippers to reduce the transportation fee,
  3. Use a carrier that offers flat pallet rates,
  4. Ship less frequently by consolidating shipments for maximum savings on your supply chain,
  5. Spread the items on different pallets to reduce the aggregate weight per package and get better rates from carriers that charge by weight,
  6. Consolidate shipments into one truck before reaching your destination to save money on shipment fees and optimize loading time,
  7. Be sure you have enough space in a terminal for a full load before booking it.

Shipping rates are based on the size, weight, and destination of your shipment. Typically, the cost to ship a pallet starts at $100, but different companies have different rates.

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