How to Rock Semi Cured Gel Nails

If you want flawless looking gel nails but don’t have time to get to the nail salon, semi cured gel nails are the solution you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Doing your own gel nails at home is no longer a task that requires the skill and patience of a professional. WIth semi cured gel nails, the process is simplified and the results are just as good. Nearly any color or design you can dream up is available and you can get it all done in 30 minutes or less. So how does it work, and how can you rock semi cured gel nails for your next night out? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Semi Cured Gel Nails?

In short, semi cured gel nails are a gel nail manicure or pedicure that comes already halfway done before it even reaches your nail. Called “semi cured” due to the polish already being 60% cured, these gel nails come in strips that you simply stick on your nails before finishing the curing process under a UV gel lamp. Rather than painting a minimum of three layers on your nails and curing each layer under a UV lamp, semi cured gel nails provide a simplified way of getting salon-grade nails without ever leaving your home.

How Do They Work?

As I mentioned above, the process is much simpler than painting on gel nails or going to a salon. Instead, semi cured gel nails come as adhesive nail strips in various sizes so as to fit on each of your nails. You can get strips for your fingernails and your toenails, and application is easy.

You begin with the necessities: a UV gel nail polish lamp, a pack of semi cured gel nail strips, and a file for shaping the nails as you desire. These are the only items actually required in the process. Other optional items, like a tool for nail removal later or a special pad for wiping off your nails, help with the process but aren’t entirely necessary. Oftentimes, however, a semi cured gel nail kit will include these extra items anyways.

To start, you should cut or file your nails to your desired shape and size. Then, follow that up by wiping any excess moisture or dirt off of your nails. This will allow the strips to stick better. You then select the nail strips that best fit each nail and get rid of the excess, so it’s only covering your nail’s exact size. You can do this by filing off the excess, tearing it off with your hands, rubbing it against a hard surface – you name it. Since they’re semi cured, they’re still jelly-like in texture and form, making them easy to manipulate to the right shape and get rid of the rest. Once that’s done, you place your nails under the UV gel nail lamp for about a minute, or until they’re shiny and hard. That’s called curing. When you’re done, you simply file them once more if necessary for perfection and viola! Salon grade nails, done in the comfort of your home in half an hour. 

Are Many Colors Available?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer is yes, just about every color is available, and many patterns and themes are as well. You can not only get any shade of green you’re interested in right now, but you can also get packs with inspiration for a party nail (or single nail feature), packs with multiple colors (like a fall theme, with browns and maroons, or a pastel theme for spring), packs with gemstones on each nail (or just one, or every other, etc.), and packs that are as creative as having dogs or foods showcased on your fingernails (or toes!). If you want to rock semi cured gel nails, having options for designs and colors is the last thing you have to worry about. 

What if I Want Gemstones On My Nails?

Easy. As I mentioned before, there are all sorts of packs available that include gemstones. You don’t have to manually place them on or worry about gluing them; they simply come as part of the nail strips, and there are several different kinds and looks you can go for if you’re interested in gems. 

The main differences are that after you wash and cut your nails, you begin by placing on a clear protective nail strip. You do this the same way you’d put on the other nail strips, but this strip doesn’t require that you cure it under the UV gel nail lamp before you move onto the next step. You then place the gem nail strips on top of the protective strips. This process is once again the same as any nail strip application, where you shape it by tearing off the excess strip. You then smooth it down to ensure there are no air bubbles, and you move to the curing process. Due to the gems and/or decals, you may have to cure these sets of nails up to three times, but you can judge as you go when you think the nails are hard enough to be considered done. They should be completely hardened and sealed to the nail. Once they’re done, you file them once more to perfection.

Semi cured gel nails are the answer to our prayers when it comes to DIY home manicures. With just a UV gel nail lamp, a set of nail strips, and these few simple steps, you can now rock semi cured gel nails for any occasion. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site

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