How to Make the Switch to Plant Based Baby Wipes

You may have never given the type of baby wipes you use a second thought, but all wipes are not the same. The type of wipes you are using could have different chemicals in them that are harmful to your little one and also harmful to the planet. Switching over to plant based baby wipes is a simple but effective step to limiting not only you and your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals but also in helping reduce harmful litter on the planet. Here are a few ways to make the switch to plant based wipes easier than ever. 

Do Your Research

As a parent you start researching everything that is going on or around your baby and this does not exclude baby wipes. It is a shame, we as parents have to do so much research regarding baby products. Unfortunately many companies will use harsh chemicals and materials in their products to save money on production and increase their profits without ever giving a second thought what effects it is having on people. We have to be proactive, do our research, read ingredients, and seek out companies we can trust. If a company is using pure, safe, and beneficial products they will have no problem being up front about their ingredients and safety standards. They will pay for the clean products, eco friendly production, and third party testing to prove their products are the best. We can have faith and confidence in their products. 

Set Your Standards

When you support a company, what kinds of things are important to you? We live in a day in age where we get to pick and choose which companies we want to support. Thanks to the internet, we have access to companies all over the world so we can find one that has values and standards that we can get behind. We can support small business owners that we would have never known about instead of just whatever is at our local box store. If there are things you are passionate about, there is a company that is also passionate about that. Together we can make a difference in the world around us and have a positive impact. Here are a few things to consider: 

Eco Friendly

Did you know that most baby wipes are made out of plastic? These plastic wipes that are used in excess are then taken to landfills and they do not biodegrade. They end up contaminating soil, run off, and even our water sources. Replacing your traditional baby wipe with a plant based wipe will have a significant impact on our environment. Think about how many wipes you use. Now think of that wipe you used once being a burden on the planet for over a hundred years. Now think of being able to use a plant based wipe which will biodegrade in about five weeks. Baby wipes are a convenient way to not only clean our little ones’ bottoms but also their hands, faces, and surfaces they touch. Most parents use lots of baby wipes during the years of raising little ones. If everyone made the switch to a biodegradable wipe, that would have a huge impact on our planet for the better. 


Before you bring anything into your home you should read the ingredient label. You will probably find a lot of words you do not understand and just assume that the products are regulated and safe for your family. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are many harmful chemicals that are added to our products to either preserve them, make them smell better, or perhaps achieve a goal. Many of these chemicals have long lasting side effects and maybe even effects that are unknown. Our families deserve better. These harsh ingredients can cause rashes, burns, eczema, and even disrupt how our bodies function. Find a company who believes in the power of plants. They believe in making products pure, all natural, and beneficial to our bodies. This is one simple way we can protect our families from harmful chemicals. 


For most people this is the aspect of making purchases that make or break it. We want better quality goods at an affordable rate. Having kids is expensive and most people go through wipes fairly quickly so you need them to be affordable. Quality products should be affordable for everyone without breaking the bank. Many companies will also have special portions, deals, or subscriptions that will help you save money. Every little bit helps when you are providing for your family. 

Throw Out the Old Wipes

Once you make the switch to better wipes, you will never look back. You may not actually throw out the other ones and even finish using them which is perfectly fine. You will be so glad you switched over. Better late than never is how the saying goes. This will be important, especially if your little one is prone to things like diaper rash and other skin issues. This may be the root cause of your little one’s discomfort, and it would clear up very quickly once the problem is removed. So whether you toss them out, give them away, or use them up you are on the road to cleaner and safer products for your family. 

Get Yours Today

Why wait? Whether you are a first time parent preparing for your little one to make their grand arrival or have been a parent for a while now and are just learning about the benefits of plant based products you should not wait. Go ahead and order and stock. Many companies allow you to subscribe and save so not only do you save every month, but your monthly supply of wipes are shipped right to your door so you never have to worry about running out again. Enjoy the cleaner, safer way to live life. 

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