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How To Delete Pages from PDF

Are there some blank pages in the PDF file you want to edit? What do you do when, while preparing for the speech, you discover that the Word document had been converted to PDF with duplicate pages? Would you like to temporarily remove some of these pages, but you don’t want to repeat the conversion process? Would you mind advising me? Please take it easy.

It is obvious that you should delete pages online for free that you do not need right now, but this can’t be done with a PDF reader. To remove useless pages, you need a PDF editor at this time.

We have found some best methods for you. With them, you can create a perfect PDF document quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can insert images and text, crop images, and rotate them with some tools.


Online page deletion is free with 2PDF, a complete suite of PDF processing applications. No software must be downloaded or a premium paid as in the case of other processors. In this guide, I’ll explain how to remove pages from PDF file.

2PDF has a lot of tools for handling PDF files including removing pages from pdf. From the main navigation, click on All tools to access the different programs. After selecting Delete PDF Pages, a new window will open with the application.

  • Upload PDF 

You can drag and drop the PDF file with pages you wish to remove into the new window. Or you can choose from a file on your computer or mobile device.

  • Delete Pages 

Click on the Remove Pages button after you have selected the pages you want to delete. You can now download the new PDF without the deleted pages after the download process takes a few seconds.


Users can also remove desired pages from PDF files using iLovePDF, an online PDF tool. As a result, you can easily complete any PDF assignment with this free program and you can delete pages online for free. In addition to splitting, merging, compressing, converting, editing, signing, rotating and adding watermarks to PDF files, iLovePDF provides other features. Depending on where you saved your PDF files, you can use a local computer, dropbox, or Google Drive to access them.

How to Delete PDF Pages?

Step 1.

To remove PDF pages, go to the remove PDF pages section of the iLovePDF homepage.

Step 2.

Navigate to the “Choose PDF File” tab and select the PDF file whose pages you want to remove. You can upload the PDF file by clicking “Open” from the file explorer window. In addition to the drag and drop method, you can also source the PDF files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 3.

In the “Pages to remove” field, enter the number of pages you want to delete after the PDF file has been uploaded. A red X cross should appear on that page when you enter the page number.

Step 4.

Delete the selected page by clicking the “Remove Pages” button.

Step 5.

A notification should appear saying that the PDF has been split once the program has deleted the selected pages. You can download your split PDF file by clicking the “Download Split PDF” button.

6. Google Chrome:

The first step to deleting pages PDF is to use a browser like Google Chrome to do it. This is what you need to do:

  • Click on downloads in Google Chrome (Ctrl+J on Windows) in your PC’s browser.
  • Choose the document you want to delete pages from in your file explorer and drag it to the Download tab.
  • Click the Download button. Select the pages you wish to print and click Print.
  • The document will be saved to the location that your computer asks you to choose.The new PDF can be saved over the original if you do not need the original. You should save the new PDF with a different file name if you wish to keep the original.
  • Verify that you have the right pages in the new file. You’re done!

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