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How to Create The Perfect Instagram Worthy Corner in Your House

Having a house which is looking aesthetic all the time can be difficult. Not every room can be Instagram worthy and that is normal. People have become so obsessed with having the most perfect set up at home for pictures but sometimes all you really need is one or two good corners in your house where you can take your shots.

If you are a content creator and most of your work is being done from home, then it is a must to dedicate a specific space of your house to be able to create that content from. How you decorate and place everything matters more than you think. It may pose a challenge to get the perfect light for pictures and make sure that everything looks effortless. That is why here at We Buy Any House, we have composed a list of things you want to get so that you can create that picture perfect space for your Instagram profile without breaking the bank.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

One of the most important items for your Insta worthy corner has got to be a mirror. We cannot stress enough how essential the mirror is, where you place it and what kind of design it has. Mirrors tend to make a room appear larger than it is, but it can also be a great wall accent as well. A popular choice among many is the full floor to ceiling mirror which is ideal for those creating fashion content such as outfits of the day. Whichever you decide to go for, you can never go wrong with a mirror or two to complement the aesthetic.

Invest In Shelving

Making use of the walls is a great way to draw attention to a specific corner which is why placing some floating, open shelving will literally transform your space. That is the place where you could put all your aesthetically pleasing décor, plants and frames. A collection of old books or any neatly put items will create a great atmosphere and make you feel ready to be creative.

Essential Oil Diffuser

As you will be spending quite some time in that corner you would want it to be as comfortable for you as possible. Creating a positive and energised atmosphere is essential in order for you to create the best content. Aromas play a big part on that which is why having either candles or essential oil diffusers in place will instantly make it a nicer corner to be in. What’s more, most of the time they have pretty cool designs which can complement your décor.


Light is essential no matter whether it is a natural or artificial one. Having a corner with natural lighting will obviously benefit you and your pictures but sometimes those fairy lights can make a great decoration. A little sparkle on your wall or around your mirrors can make all the difference and give that extra element to any picture. Attaching polaroid pictures on the fairy lights is also a really cute idea which could be implemented.

Paint the Walls

A bit of repainting could do wonders for your pictures, especially if your walls are darker. Fresh paint with a soft light colour will allow the light coming in to reflect better and make it better for that Instagram content. Alternatively, you could get creative with the paint and create something that will stand out in pictures.


Having a little stool with colourful pillows will not only give you some comfort while creating but also add a nice touch to the whole décor. Pillows and throws really do give a lot of character to a place so picking the right theme and colour is vital so that everything is in sync. The colour palette is really important as you would want it to be matching a lot of things so you must be careful with bright colours. Neutral ones are the safe choice but having a pop of colour can do a lot for you.

These home decoration ideas are certain to transform any dull corner of your house into an Instagram worthy space where you can shoot all your content freely. What’s important is that you personalise the space so that it appeals to you and whatever aesthetic you are normally going for on your social media channels. If you are looking to spice things up, you could get some of these items to help you get those aesthetically pleasing shots from the comfort of your own home.

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