How to Choose a Web Designer for Your Business

It only takes a few milliseconds to make a first impression on your website, and 94 percent of the impressions that are made are related to the design of the site. With over 1.8 billion active websites today, you want yours to stand out. One method you might be considering to accomplish that goal is hiring a web designer. Designers like Zgraph and others across the nation know that you want yours to be one in a billion. It can be with the right designer.

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A Good Designer Cares About Your Budget

You want a great website design Nashville that stands out in a billion, but you are a business person and your budget is the first thing on your mind. It should be the first thing on the mind of your potential web designer as well. You want them to care about your spending, and ask you how much you want to spend. You don’t want them to tell you how much you are going to spend.

A good designer will find out what your needs are, both with the product and with the budget, and then develop a plan with both of these things in mind.


Good designers know how to manage testimonials online, but excellent designers will showcase all of them. You don’t want to look for bad reviews, but you do want to get a good idea of what the honest ones actually are. You want to review testimonials of real people and know exactly the kind of designer that you are going to be working with. Read as many as you can and follow your instinct.


When you have a website, you will need ongoing support. You want to know what the support is. Are you going to be able to get 24/7 support, or are you going to spend half the day on hold waiting for help? Any designer, big or small, understands how important this is to you.

Review the Portfolio

When you are looking at designers, they will give you a portfolio of previous clients they have worked with. What is your first impression of the websites? Do you love them? Do you find them boring and flat? Review the portfolios and consider how you feel when you see their previous designs, it will be how your customers will feel too.

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When you are ready to look for a web designer, bring your instinct and a firm position on your budget. You’ll find one when the right one presents itself.

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