How does a CBD shop extract CBD?

Highly effective Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from cannabis Hielscher ultrasonic extractor is a state-of-the-art technology for reliable and efficient extraction of cannabis and CBD oils. It is a powerful extraction technique that releases valuable substances from plants. Compared with other extraction methods, such as intense CO2 extraction, the ultrasonic technique overloads in its simple performance and wide range of applications. Ultrasonic Extraction Ultrasonic extraction is well known and a long-term proven process for extracting valuable botanical compounds. It is, therefore, an ideal technique for producing high-quality CBD oil. Plant cells are porous, and solutes are pushed into them, where they absorb intracellular compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. Hanfpost CBD shop maintain this procedure.

A significant advantage of ultrasonication is the temperature range at which extraction can be performed. Ultrasonic extraction can be performed from heated/heated ethanol to low-temperature ethanol (-70°C). This allows targeted separation of the desired compound—Sonication in yield cryogenic ethanol. Mainly in cannabinoids and terpenes, warm/hot ethanol extraction results in various Phytochemical compounds (e.g., aldehydes, esters, ethyls, ketones). Full-spectrum extracts contain cannabis steroids and other phytochemicals. Phytochemical compounds (e.g., cannabinoids) have synergistic effects. This means that CBD oil containing CBD and cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals has a more therapeutic effect than CBD oil containing only CBD. Fills should be avoided as they will give the extract an unpleasant taste.

Step by step

Ultrasonic Extraction: Ultrasonic extraction can be easily performed in batch mode or continuous flow mode – depending on your process volume online dispensary canada bc. The extraction process is rapid and produces a large number of active compounds.

Filtration: Strain the plant-liquid mixture through filter paper or filter bag to remove solid particles from the liquid.

Evaporation: A rotor evaporator is usually used to separate CBD oil from the solvent. (rotor-evaporator) Solvents such as ethanol can be recycled.

Nano Emulsification: By sonication, pure CBD oil can be processed into a stable nanoemulsion that has Excellent bioavailability high oil extraction rate. Every CBD shop need to maintain all these to create good CBD product.


Ethanol is a solvent for extracting cannabinoids. Hielscher’s ultrasonicators considerably open your solvents options: water-ethanol, cryogenic ethanol, and ethanol-proof alcohol beyond glycerin. Water, etc. Ethanol is a very popular solvent because ethanol dissolves polar substances. (hydrophilic) and nonpolar (hydrophobic/lipophilic) different ratios of ethanol/water can be used for ultrasonic extraction. The advantages of ethanol/water include lower costs. (due to less ethanol) and higher safety as it is non-flammable. Ultrasonic extraction of cryogenic ethanol (approximately -70 °C) yields a very high yield and quality.

Easy to use

Your ultrasonic devices are designed to be user-friendly, meaning that our ultrasonic extractors are easy and safe to use. You are happy to assist our customers during installation and provide advice on ultrasonic settings and parameters. You have the right equipment for you – for batch and inline processing. Hanfpost CBD shop provide you most beautiful products.

Advantages over CO2 extraction

Supercritical CO 2 extractors are expensive to buy and use. The operation of CO 2 extraction is complex and requires professionals who know what pressures and temperatures are appropriate to obtain the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. compared to conventional liquid extraction, ultrasonic extraction is inexpensive to purchase and operate, yielding a high yield in the extract, which is obtained within minutes since sonication is performed at pressure. (or slightly higher) and low temperature, ultrasonic extraction is easy and safe to operate. Hielscher ultrasonic extraction is recognized and preferred for its high extraction rates, various solvent applications, ease of use, and linear flexibility.

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