How do you create a logo for text

Coca-Cola, Kleenex, Google If you think of these companies, the inscriptions written using unusual fonts immediately appear in your mind. The impact of logos with text is evident in a way that reflects the identity of the company through the form, typography and color. Through their assistance the brand’s image is enhanced and is essential for any company. In this post, we’ll discuss how to design a successful design for a text-based logo.

What is a logo?

The business owners who run successful businesses are constantly looking at logos since it is the corporate logo’s elements that help increase the brand’s visibility. With the aid of an appropriately designed logo clients immediately know what company he’s dealing with. A trademark can be described through its name, business written in the font used in the initial version or the sign or symbol that is connected.

A logo is an emblem, name or mark that is designed to ensure that people can be able to recognize an organisation by distinguishing it from competitors. A professional logo draws interest and creates a great first impression. Additionally, the logo enhances the faith in the products which it’s used. The logo is an essential aspect of the unique design of the business. He could be:

  • Illustrations, showing the characteristics of the firm’s work
  • Graphic. Graphic elements abstractly show the uniqueness of the business;
  • Text. These logos convey the personality of the brand by using letters.

The emblem must be attractive and easily understood. Without it, it’s impossible to build a brand. Logos designed by professionals include recognized Nike, Coca Cola, McDonalds and Lacoste.

If the logo is not properly constructed your image as a business is likely to suffer as it won’t just attract prospective customers but will also be capable of making them disappear completely.

How do you create an Image Logo

Let’s look at design

The principle behind the design of a successful design is the need to highlight even the tiniest details. Here’s a step-by-step guide about how to assess the character of the brand and select the right elements for the logo.

Brand name character

A logo is the visual expression of the brand’s personality. To achieve this, specific colors as well as fonts, graphics and colors are employed. In order to select the right components you must analyze the situation thoroughly and identify the position of the business.

Business-related nature

Find the words that might be used to describe your business. For instance: friendly creative, eco-friendly, etc. other such words. You must find the answer as to what’s the core of your work and then find the visual representation of this.

The intended audience

You need to know your prospective customers. Examine their characteristics and what they are most interested in, and what their ideals are. Choose a logo that allows you to communicate your message to your target audience in their native language.

Strategies of competitors

Find out what your competitors frequently choose to use to represent their brands. Find a way to make your brand distinctive from other signs.

How to select the best font

After the initial analysis is completed, you can move to choosing the design language. Typography is the foundation of a logo with text. It is the one who assumes the bulk of the load in terms of semantics. The font you choose determines how easy it is to read the message and also how the brand is perceived. To choose the best font take a few easy steps.

The choice of fonts

There are four types of fonts:

  • With serifs. Brands must use them to emphasise the status, tradition, professionalism or status;
  • Sans serifs. A lot of companies utilize this typeface. Inscriptions written in sans-serif fonts are simple to read, even on a phone screen. If you scale the logo to a larger size, it will be noticeable even at lower resolutions.
  • Handwritten. These are fonts with a unique style that can be used by companies selling products or services that are related to health, home improvement and other areas. The fonts have a strong association with generosity and transparency;
  • Creative. They’re great for businesses who wish to show their uniqueness and stand out on the marketplace. However, it is important to keep in mind that a font must be easily seen even on a smaller size.


The majority of fonts available are in a variety of variations: regular bold, straight, and italic. It is essential to pick one that best reflects the essence that the company is known for. Consider how you’ll compose the word: capital letters lower case letters, or a mixture of them.


Be aware of the way the text in the font you choose appears in a small resolution. The logo should be visible even on small-sized mediums like the business card or plate for the signature of an email.

How do you choose the right color? color

The selection of color is another method to present the company’s story and draw the attention of the public. Keep in mind that every color influences the impression about the business in a specific way. For instance red symbolizes the energy and strength, while blue conveys tranquility and confidence. The combination of white and black is a combination of style and luxury. The color should be chosen according to the impression you wish to convey.

By combining a variety of colors by combining several colors, you can create a striking and unique design. An excellent illustration could be Google and Ebay using each letter as distinct color. The background could be different, such as black, white or colored.

Individual touches

Utilizing custom-designed graphics or playing around with the shapes, you can make your logo that will leave an impression that lasts. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this:

  • Replace the letter with the symbol. Pick a symbol that represents your business: Pixar substituted “I” with a lamp and made it the main “heroine” of the studio’s cartoon. Coverfox changed “O” into a fox’s tail.
  • Play around with spelling. A unique feature that is distinct from the crowd draws the attention of others. It could be an oversized letter, such as Braun’s “A” in Braun, an inverse, such as that of the “X” in Exxon Mobil or other graphics, like the arrows used in Subway.
  • Put into shape. You can put the entire word in the shape like Nintendo, Samsung, and IKEA have done, or draw attention to some letters, like LinkedIn as well as Hyperloop TT.
  • Break into lines. This is a good option for companies that have a short name. The words must be visible: that’s the case with Uniqlo did by breaking the text into two sections that make an equilateral triangle. And Miniso did not just break the word however, it also added a smiley face at the close.

A well-designed logo will enable your business to be noticed and well-known. The advice in this article can assist you in completing this job. Have fun!

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