HOw can students excel in their class 11 math exam?

Students in senior classes are continually stressed or under pressure from their coursework. It is not uncommon to see children studying diligently in order to perform well in tests, while their parents get concerned. This year, though, things are different since there are two school examinations, each with a different test structure. MCQs will be used instead of subjective questions. Math is one topic that requires a lot of practice which you can do with help of exemplar class 11 maths.

Tips for preparing for the 11th grade math school exam-

Make sure you concentrate on your major textbook and properly practise the questions. Your NCERT textbook is sufficient to assist you in succeeding. You can look at sample paper books, but don’t buy too many.

Because the pattern has shifted to objective-type questions, you should review your teacher’s sample paper questions. Also, look over and solve school sample papers to gain a better idea of the kind of problems you could face. Mock tests are useful for determining how much you know and where you need more practice. Adjust your preparation to the new pattern and any changes to the curriculum. You can also get your hands on the concepts with help of NCERT exemplar solutions class 11

You can write short notes for each chapter while studying to make revision easy. These notes or synopses can aid you in revising swiftly and efficiently later on.

Students frequently fail to complete the test on time due to the length of the question paper. As a result, improving your speed is essential. You can go at past question papers and try to solve them in a certain amount of time.

Many websites alternately supply updated CBSE and ICSE class 11 NCERT Solutions for all topics. These can assist you in understanding topics and locating answers in one convenient location.

Learn about the revised Maths school Examination Paper Pattern for 2020–2021.

The Math paper layout must be well understood by every student. The paper will consist of 38 questions separated into two parts: A and B, according to the most recent CBSE Sample Paper available at Parts I and II make up Part A, whereas sections III, IV, and V make up Part B.

Examine the Syllabus.

To ace the mathematics test, you’ll need an excellent preparation method. Students must not only be familiar with the test style, but also with the CBSE’s new syllabus. Students must create a study plan that covers all important topics and ideas. It is critical to study the entire NCERT book in order to achieve a high grade. The entire test focuses around the topics presented in the NCERT book.

Prepare handwritten notes in advance.

Learning and remembering equations, ideas, and concepts by heart is required to master mathematics. Not only are concepts from class XII vital, but so are equations from prior classes for passing a math test. For last-minute review, keep separate handwritten notes on equations, theories, and procedures.

Create a schedule that is unique to you.

Give equal attention to all subjects in your daily schedule, just as you would in a well-balanced diet. Studying a single subject over an extended period of time gets repetitive and uninteresting. As a result, mix and combine various subjects. Every day, step by step, answer various sorts of questions. It’s not only about getting the answers in mathematics. To get complete points, one needs concentrate on the steps as well.

Remove all doubts

Make a list of any questions you have about arithmetic or tough ideas. Math is a fascinating topic as long as you can answer problems quickly, but it may become insurmountable if you become stuck and lose interest. The key is to practise various sorts of questions to solidify your understanding. Self-evaluation is quite beneficial in identifying your weak spots and improving your score.

Take a rest in between sessions of study:

It is critical to take a break every two or three hours. Avoid using your phone or computer to watch television or play video games. This will put even more strain on your eyes. Instead, engage in some mind and body-refreshing outdoor or indoor activities. Don’t give up hope.


Increase the frequency with which you solve mock exams, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers as the school Examinations approach. Make it a point to complete at least one full-length question paper every day within the allotted 3 hours. It will help you improve your speed, familiarize you with the sorts of questions offered on the test, and provide you with valuable information into the exam’s key themes and your own level of preparation. Remember not to skim over the intricacies of the answers when doing a test paper. In your replies, use headers and highlight essential terms. Examine the top scorers’ answer sheets as well.


It’s important to remember that math is all about practice. The more you practise, the more you will comprehend the relevant ideas and equations, and the higher your score will be. Be a part of Infinity Learn if you want to try out the concepts in the best manner. 

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