Has technology improved bongs? Should I really be considering them for tobacco?

For anyone who hasn’t very recently become the legal age to smoke, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the increasing ire shown towards cigarette, pipe and cigar smokers over the course of the last 40 or so years. It started off as simply regulating marketing so that minors weren’t influenced, and then it evolved into disdain as a result of things like secondhand smoke. These were both quite understandable even to smokers, as most polite smokers always tried to avoid secondhand smoke around children or those whom prefer not to be exposed to it anyhow, and nobody is going to argue that tobacco advertising should be kept away from children.

However, and yes, this may be slightly opinionated but it is not an unpopular opinion, in the modern world where everyone feels the need to babysit grown adults for some reason, this hatred has grown to disproportionate levels simply due to the fact that it is in fact unhealthy to smoke. For some reason, everyone thinks that grown adults smoking in the privacy of their own homes still need to have this beaten into their heads, despite the fact that they are capable of making their own decisions. Well, fine, such people aren’t going to shut up, so we may as well satiate them as well as improve our own health by finding better ways to enjoy our tobacco products, right?

A bong may not be the first thing you think of when you think about tobacco. In most cultures, especially Western cultures with their heritage centered originally in Europe, these are associated with various other dry herbs, but very rarely tobacco. However, many historians are fairly certain that bongs were first invented around the time tobacco was brought over from the New World. At the same time, the same historians believe that similar things like hookahs were also invented, both by cultures that had a somewhat healthier mindset than the ones around them at the time.

There is a debatable argument that this technology, at least in a prototype form, may have been utilized for other herbal supplements before this, but existing historical records show the earliest implementations being for tobacco. Bongs in and of themselves are not complicated devices at all. This lends to the joke that you can make one out of just about anything lying around the house, another thing associated with certain counter culture uses of the device. However, the simplicity belies a rather singular truth – the fact that the smoke is pulled through water makes them far healthier than other alternative ways of smoking. Water is the closest thing to a natural filter/solvent known in the universe, and it scrubs out the nasty action carcinogens, leaving almost entirely just the oils that deliver the taste, the trademark bite and the nicotine desired from the tobacco. There hasn’t been a lot of change in bongs technologically as a result, but what has changed is the quality of the glass, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, etc.

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