Guide on Uniquely Charmed Maharashtrian Jewellery

The unique charm of Maharashtrian jewellery never failed to amaze people with its unique designs and patterns. So, if you are going to be a Maharashtrian bride and are confused about what to add to the jewellery box, we have added the complete guide here which will help you in selecting the best jewellery design for your special day.

1. Kolhapuri Saaj

It is one of the most popular stunningly looking designed gold necklace sets adorned with jav mani and 21 leaf-shaped pendants. All the pendants have beautiful significance in which 10 pendants are defined as the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, 8 pendants are for ashtamangal where ashta means eight and mangal is for good blessings, 2 pendants are adorned with Ruby and Emerald stones, and the last one is called taviz. It is mostly worn in the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra.

2. Nath

Maharashtrian nath is a uniquely designed nose pin that you will never find in any other region of India. Its size is quite big, half-curved in shape, and carved with white and pink colored pearls. Nowadays you will find thousands of variations in the nath but the traditional one will always be available in gold with some Basra pearls, ruby, or a sapphire carved on it.

3. Mohanmaal

It is a long gold necklace set made of gold beads. In Mohan maal, maal means string-styled necklace set which looks good on the bride when worn with complete attire. The necklace has various layers of gold beads and it can be extended from 2 to 8 strings in one necklace.

4. Kolhapuri Thushi

It is one of the most popular Marathi jewellery designs which you will find in the jewellery box of every bride. Kolhapuri Thushi is a choker-styled necklace set adorned with gold beads that are carved very closely in it that no space is left between them. To make it more comfortable, an adjustable thread is added at the back so that it can be worn easily by the ladies tightly or loosely the way they want.

5. Vaaki

It is a beautiful armlet completely made of gold adorned with various precious stones like ruby and emerald that enhance its beauty to the best. It is worn on either of the arms by the bride which helps in completing her bridal look.

6. Ambada

Another beautiful piece of jewellery that you will find only in the Marathi bride’s jewellery. It is the headband made of gold which enhances the beauty of the bun of the bride when worn with other bridal attire. This extremely unique hair accessory is available in various designs and to make it more attractive it is adorned with precious stones.

7. Kaan

As the name says these are uniquely designed earrings made of gold and sometimes adorned with pearls. The design is made in a way that covers the complete ear and looks unique when worn with traditional attire.

All these ornament designs are mostly worn with Navari Saree which makes the bride look stunningly beautiful.

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