Get to Know More About Dust Blower

Whether at home or workplace, we have items or equipment that are delicate to touch. Therefore, for them to last longer, Maintenance is the rule. With your dust blower around, they are kept clean without compromise. In a nutshell, a dust blower keeps you sober.

This is an electric device used in homes and other sectors to blow away dust from any corner. For instance, phone ports are difficult to clean with clothes, that’s why a tiny plastic dust blower comes in. Because of this device, even home appliances with unreachable tight parts are spotless.

The design of the handles makes its usage more comfortable. Identifying a suitable power source that’s not a headache is impressive. Power and airflow create high dusting results without any hassle.

Consider using electric blowers for blowing away dust from electronic appliances. It is made simpler with a button that locks while maintaining airflow during the task.

Knowing the best Dust Blower

Depending on the power capacity, size, blade design etc. they are manufactured in different styles

Backward curved-it’s blade rotate in high speed with flat blades moving away from rotation direction

Radial-Used for cooling purposes, not curved blades and used in small exhaust stuff

Airfoil-Its blades slowly curve down while narrowing towards the end

Forward curved-When rotating in a low speed, its velocity is higher due to the curved designed blades

Factors To Consider Before Buying One


When buying any, consider one with steady static pressure ejected during dusting. With centrifugal force produced, a high volume of air is released at specific pressure. Therefore the pressure ability affects the dust blower price in Kenya.


Light equipment consumes less energy compared to heavier one. Sometimes tasks don’t get done on time due to tiredness. The lightweight blower is simple to handle and maintain, making it less costly at the day’s end.


If you always do small tasks, like cleaning and dusting laptop ports, phone ports, consider a battery handheld blower. They are easy to charge compared to electric blowers that take time before being used on big tasks.

Level of noise

Having a noise free environment during working hours means excellent results. Imagine trying to blow away the stuck dust and annoying sound? It gets monotonous, yet you want your stuff left clean and tidy.


Hand-held machine has a control speed button.

They are strong and standard with a good grip for the user.

Others come with blowing and small bags for extraction.



How it works

It contains an impeller in the middle of the air blower that is responsible for sucking air while creating spiral airflow, thus creating dynamic pressure which directly forces air to flow through a curved route and finally gets out easily. In addition, depending on the activity you are engaged in, different speed levels are set to produce good cleaning and dusting.

In Conclusion, adding a dust blower to your garage isn’t a regret as long as it will save you energy in dusting tasks.

In addition, money saved is used to meet other obligations now that your appliances are in good shape.

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