Get to know about the list of polytechnic courses in India!

Polytechnic courses were launched in India a few decades back with an intention to create a strong community of the best engineers in the country. When individuals take an Online Career Counselling, there get to know about several courses which are aligned as a backbone of the modern era. Moreover, a polytechnic diploma is being the most preferred course among technical studies due to its core objectives that imply bringing a variety of job opportunities at affordable fees.

However, in the starting stage, the course was imparted by either government-aided colleges or government colleges, but nowadays there are several polytechnic colleges in India that offer diploma polytechnic. 

Interesting Facts:

Polytechnic course boasts employment in many sectors like Mechanical, Automobile, Footwear, Chemical, Computer Science, Information technology, Electronic gadgets, and other technical aspects. Polytechnic courses have emerged as the best course after 10th education. In recent research, it is found that the polytechnic course is growing slowly and this is available in almost every state of India. 

What are polytechnic courses? Get to know about it

The diploma in engineering or polytechnic is a 3-year junior engineering program/course offered by the Polytechnic college is a highly worthwhile course in which curriculum is designed to develop practical and theoretical knowledge. In short, the basic skills are required to get a job in the respective field can be learnt in the polytechnic course.

Major polytechnic courses offer the perfect set of Engineering disciplines like Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Footwear technology, and others. 

List of the best polytechnic courses:

Polytechnic Automobile Engineering:

Vehicles are the main part of our daily life and nobody can expect to travel quickly without them. So, automobile engineering has become the most important course in India to launch own career in the automobile industry. Attaining polytechnic automobile engineering offers the study of vehicles parts like manufacturing, design, maintenance, and other elements. 

With the knowledge of maintenance, automobile repairing, the student can work as a trainee after getting depth knowledge, students can work as Senior Automobile Engineer.

Polytechnic Computer Science Engineering:

This is the discipline of polytechnic that incorporates several electronics and computer science required to develop computer software and hardware as well. So, you can be eligible to work as a Web developer, web designer, and programmer. 

Polytechnic Civil Engineering:

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Students are provided education about material testing, concrete structures, construction management, quality control, entrepreneurship, and many more. 

Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of polytechnic course that offers a great foundation on development, design and manufacturing the system/mechanical parts to make our life ease. The aspirants can become mechanical engineers after getting a diploma in the course. However, many good companies are hiring mechanical engineering, so choosing this course can be a decision to make a profitable career in Mechanical Engineering.

Polytechnic Electronics & Communication Engineering:

In Electronics and Communication Engineering or Polytechnic Engineering students can learn about Electronic & Communication to design, develop, and maintain electronic gadgets. The contribution of this science is sufficient to facilitate more useful devices like phones, TV, radio, Computer screens, and many more. The requirements of the devices predict career opportunities.

Polytechnic Electrical Engineering:

This course commonly deals with the application and study of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. Being a student of this branch, one could learn many technologies which would let in opening the way to launch the career as Electrical Engineer.

Polytechnic in Information Technology:

Often admission seekers try to identify the best course in polytechnic to get a fast job, polytechnic in information technology is the best profession. It opens a variety of job opportunities such as Server administrator/IT, network engineers and other great jobs in this field. 

Polytechnic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

This is one of the most expensive courses in Polytechnic that gives a path to be a part of the aviation industry like Air India, Spice Jet.

Benefits of Polytechnic Courses:

Most of the candidates get selected in either government sectors or companies. Whenever government announces vacancies for mechanical, electrical engineers, diploma holder candidates are given privileges in the name of seat reservation. 

After the completion of the polytechnic course, a student is eligible to enter a course of B.E/B.Tech in the second year through lateral entry. The guidelines for this differ from one college to the other. Some colleges admit students directly based on the marks they have obtained in their polytechnic diploma degree whereas certain colleges conduct their own entrance tests to gauge the knowledge of students before admitting them to their B.E and B.Tech programs.

Thus, the Best Online Career Counselling in India would give a clear picture of the list of polytechnic courses in India so that the aspirants can choose the best ones according to their convenience.

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