Free Webinars for Teachers with Certificates in India

Professionals must keep upgrading their skills to stay relevant in today’s dynamic work environment. And webinars are a great way that teachers across experience and expertise levels can achieve this.

Although online teacher certification programs in India train you adequately on how to teach well, the importance of free knowledge resources like webinars can’t be overemphasised.

If you are looking for comprehensive, high-quality, and insightful free webinars for teachers with certificates, then Suraasa can be your one-spot solution. The platform has numerous free webinars, which they call Masterclasses. Suraasa’s Masterclasses are suited for teachers across experience levels. So, whether you have just started out as an academician or are an experienced educator looking to enhance your teaching skills, you can trust Suraasa to fulfill all your needs.

Here are some of the most popular Masterclasses offered by Suraasa. Check out—

  • Is B.Ed Enough to Become an International Teacher?

This is a common notion that B.Ed is the only qualification that can land you a great teaching job. But this is far from the truth. You can also take up certain other courses to reap the same benefits. All you need is to search for the right teacher training course online in India suited to your needs. This Masterclass guides you through your search mission. In this Masterclass, you learn about alternative programmes available to become a teacher. You also learn what scope, eligibility, and job opportunities are available for those who enrol in such programmes. If you want to apply for such a programme, the Masterclass tells you how to go about that.

  • Classroom Questioning Techniques for Effective Teaching

In this Masterclass, you learn about the importance of questioning in the classroom. In addition, you get to know what the different types of questioning techniques are. This insightful Masterclass also tells you 3 things that you must keep in mind while asking questions.

  • How to Create an Impressive Resume before Applying for Teaching Jobs?

In this Masterclass, you learn about the importance of resumes for teachers. The instructors also tell you how to use Suraasa’s platform to create a stellar resume. And this is included in the webinar as a live activity. It means that you get to learn from a live demonstration of the process involved. Not just that, the Masterclass also tells you what 5 things you should keep in mind while creating a resume.

  • What do International Schools Look for in a Teacher?

This Masterclass teaches you about the importance of pedagogical skills for teachers. If you aim to join an international school, knowing what they might be interested in would prove highly valuable. The Masterclass tells you about the trending skills that international schools often look for. Not just that, you also learn how to develop those skills.

  • How can Teachers Take Care of Their Mental Health?

As part of this Masterclass, you learn about the importance of mental health for teachers. But to be able to figure out if you have a mental health issue, you must first know what the symptoms of poor mental health are. This is where this Masterclass by Suraasa comes in. It educates you about the common symptoms of poor mental health. The class doesn’t end there, it also acquaints you with 5 ways to improve your mental health.

  • How to build your presence as a teacher on LinkedIn?

This Masterclass has been designed to help teachers grow their network and boost their career in education. In this insightful webinar, you are made familiar with LinkedIn, which is a professional networking platform, and taught why it is relevant for educators. The class also offers valuable tips on how to build your community and a global network on the platform. For those looking for a job change, this webinar will prove especially helpful as it offers guidance on how to find teaching jobs through LinkedIn.

  • Creating Engaging Lesson Plans

If you want some guidance with respect to preparing lesson plans, then this Master Class is for you. The webinar thoroughly explains what a lesson plan is and how you can improve yours. The best part is you learn to create lesson plans through a live activity— instructors create a dummy lesson plan for you to understand its format and content better. The webinar teaches you how to use a lesson plan to teach better.

  • Decoding TETs and How to Clear Them in First Attempt!

If you are interested in appearing for TET, then this is the Masterclass you need to attend. It guides you on how to clear this test in the first attempt itself.

The class begins by teaching you about the importance and relevance of the CTET Exam. You will also know why it has been made mandatory for all teachers. In addition, you get to know why it’s an extremely critical exam in the career of a teacher and how one can clear it in a single attempt.

  • How to Land Your Dream Teaching Job

In order to be able to land your dream teaching job, you must first learn to identify it. This Masterclass helps you do exactly that. And no, you don’t just learn how to identify your dream teaching job; you also get to know what skills are required to make it to top international schools. Additionally, the webinar will tell you how to prepare a resume to make it stand out.

  • Career Pathways of a Successful Teacher

In this Masterclass, you learn how to move from being an assistant teacher to the principal of a school. You are also made familiar with the global opportunities and earning potential of a teacher. This Masterclass can essentially help you take the first step of a successful career.

  • Move Abroad for Teaching: Where, Why, and How?

This Masterclass is for ambitious educators who want to establish a flourishing teaching career abroad. In this Masterclass, you learn why it’s good to consider moving abroad for teaching. You also learn about the best teaching opportunities available abroad and how you can prepare for them.

  • How to make online classrooms more engaging?

Technology has become all-pervasive. It’s as dominant in the education sector as in other fields. Acknowledging this, this Masterclass has been designed to help educators understand the significance of technology in teaching. The webinar also offers insights on how to understand students’ behaviour in online classes. You also learn fail-proof techniques to engage students in an online classroom.

Regardless of whether you are doing a government-funded course or a teacher training course online in India, you can’t simply say “no” to these free Masterclasses by Suraasa. They are organised every 15 days and add profoundly to learners’ repository of knowledge.

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