Four Situations that Necessitate the Services of a Gig Harbor Family Law Attorney

Usually, divorce cases require the assistance of a family law attorney. They can be unsettling and you may experience feelings of anger, anxiety, and confusion. Although you may be excited to start a new life without your spouse, the uncertainty about your plans can leave you overwhelmed. So, you may want to hire an experienced gig harbor family law attorney to work your case. Here are situations when hiring a family law attorney is important:

Resolving Financial Issues

If you and your spouse cannot communicate about some issues in your divorce such as shared equities in your house or joint bank accounts, an attorney can help you reach an arrangement that satisfies both parties. Also, if you have shared debts or expenses and you cannot agree to a fair resolution, a lawyer can mediate and give you expert advice. 

Reaching Child Custody Arrangements

If you and your spouse share children, you will have to establish a satisfactory child custody arrangement. In this case, you need a good family law attorney to help you draft these arrangements. Child custody issues can be quite complicated. You and the other parent may argue over who will have physical custody of your children and who pays child support. A good attorney can help you sort out all the details, ensuring the resolutions you reach will comply with local regulations. 

Handling Domestic Violence

If domestic violence is an issue in your household, a court order must be sought. This can occur when you have been harmed physically, threatened, or pressured sexually by your spouse. Domestic violence is an issue that must be considered when a court decides on child custody. Also, you need an attorney to help make sure all the decisions come with some sort of protection for you and your children as well as comply with state law. 

Proving Changes in Circumstances

If an arrangement that you and your ex made during your divorce has changed due to a shift in lifestyle, you need an attorney to convince a judge or jury that modifications to court orders are necessary. These changes may include relocating, remarrying, or moving in with a new partner. In general, courts take into account whether a move will benefit your children before they approve it. If the possible benefits outweigh any losses your child might experience because of reduced visitation rights with their other parent, a judge may approve the relocation. The right family law attorney can help prove the importance of a change in your circumstances.  

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