Fashion Trends: When did men stop wearing top hats?

The top hat is a classic accessory of men’s formal wear. Few accessories are as iconic or simple; nothing says sophistication quite like this elegant hat.

Today, it is less common to see men wearing their top hats for everyday life. Rarely do people wear their top hats to work or even outside on the city streets? There are many things that have contributed to the decline in popularity of the top hat over the years but today we will explore some of those factors and look at how some people have found ways to incorporate them into their modern style

Wearing one’s top hat has slowly become more uncommon as time passes. It seemed that for a few decades after its invention, the top hat was everywhere and all the rage. This resulted in a decline as people began to move on with time and it became less popular.

Fashion Trends: When did men stop wearing top hats?

In the past, only wealthy men wore top hats as they had elaborate designs that were seen as a status symbol of someone who could afford these types of accessories. Today, anyone can buy a simple top hat for relatively cheap prices that come in various colors and patterns.

When one wants to purchase a new top hat today, they have many options available to them such as where they can buy their hats from or what kind of styles is available. In fact, some retailers even provide top hats with various embellishments that can be attached or removed to suit the owner’s preferences.

Today, many people simply do not see the need for top hats due to how relatively easy it is to obtain one and wear them in their daily lives. This has caused a decline in the popularity of the top hat as time goes on and fewer people choose this accessory over others.

The invention of photography also contributed greatly to the decline in the popularity of men’s top hats. Many people began taking pictures wearing their own unique styles which influenced other fashions they decided to try out for themselves. With that said, there are still some who continue wearing them today but each year they become less popular.

How to wear a Top Hat in modern times

Some people have found ways to keep the top hat alive by incorporating it into their modern-day style. In fact, there are now many different ways one can wear this accessory to make it their own.

For example, some people might choose to wear a top hat with a suit or tuxedo while others may want to dress it down by pairing it with a casual shirt and pants. There are also those who like to add a bit of personality to their look by wearing fun socks, ties, or even bowties with their top hats.

The key is to have fun with it and experiment until you find what looks best on you. Men’s top hats will always have a place in fashion as they are a classic accessory that can be worn by anyone.

Men’s top hats have been around for centuries. They were once a popular item of clothing, but when did men stop wearing them? And why?

Top hat history:

Top hats first became popular in the 18th century. At this time, they were considered to be very fashionable items of clothing and were worn by both men and women. However, over time, their popularity began to decline. Men’s top hats gradually became less and less common and by the early 20th century, they had practically disappeared from the fashion scene altogether.

Why top hats went out of style:

There are a number of reasons why men’s top hats went out of style. Firstly, they were often seen as being too formal and business-like, which made them impractical for many social occasions. They were particularly inconvenient for more casual occasions such as sporting events or nights out on the town because it could be difficult to dance in them or move around easily while wearing one.

Wearing top hats was also an expensive endeavor that only the very rich could afford. This meant that they were first worn by middle and upper-class men until their popularity declined over time. It wasn’t until much, later on, that the average working man had the opportunity to buy and wear one of these hats.

Modern-day top hats:

Fortunately, top hat history hasn’t been completely written yet! These days, you can still find modern versions of the traditional top hat at most costume shops and department stores. They’re usually worn as part of formal attire for events like weddings and galas or by entertainers such as magicians and jugglers.


So, why did men stop wearing top hats? There are a number of reasons, but mostly it has to do with their impracticality and high cost. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a comeback! With the right occasion, men’s top hats can still be a stylish and fashionable statement piece.


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