Facts that you don’t know about Israel

The Tel Aviv University recently launched the world’s only Center for Combating Pandemics, aiming to create best practices in infection containment and vaccine development. With record-breaking investments of $10 billion dollars by Israeli companies during 2020 despite uncertainty caused from worldwide pandemic; it’s clear that they’re taking this issue very seriously!

Israel has a significant advantage over other countries when it comes to solar energy. 85% of Israeli households get hot water from rooftop solar heaters, compared with less than 1% in America!

A scientist’s invention that turns dog droppings into odorless and sterile fertilizer could revolutionize how animal waste is disposed-and may help solve some pretty serious problems like hunger or environmental hazards created by repeated use as food for humans (or animals). There are more then 300 wineries here including 70 which harvest at least 50 tons per year; 60 thousand tons come out every season thanks largely because they’re grown using locally sourced grapes rather

Israel’s bee population is being threatened by environmental factors, but that doesn’t stop them from innovating. An Israeli company has developed the world’s first autonomous beehive-a box with space for up to 40 colonies of bees and their needs in mind! It can take care its own health/attention through an app – even if there are no humans around (which might sound scary). The country was also at it again when they banned underweight models during fashion shows back in 2011; now only healthy bodies wearing designer clothes will do down here…or so we hope? During Passover this year though something strange happened: supermarkets across Israel were told not sell chametz–forbidden foods like bread or cakes!–and furthermore all

In Hebrew, Happy Christmas is ‘Chag Molad Sameach’. This means that we should all be happy and celebrate together.

In Israel it’s not uncommon for people to mop the floor by flooding it with copious amounts of water then using a long handled squeegee in order push dirty puddles outside or down nearby drains so they can flush away any dirt particles from their home’s carpets upon completion!

The Judean desert is home to the world’s oldest basket, made from grasses and roots. A cave in Israel contains tools that are at least 350 thousand years old-and some as much as 1 million! The field of video therapy was invented by Jerusalem television station Ma’aleh school; it crosses all disciplines such date filming or animation with its innovative techniques for treating people who suffer mentally illness through digital media like games played on their computer screens while they’re hooked up electrodes designed specially so these entertainment formats can help alleviate symptoms just enough without making them fully well again (a process called “coping”). It also boasts one first: robots listen using dead locusts ear.

The Israeli company provides off-grid, solar powered automatic handwashing stations to developing countries using water pulled from the atmosphere mixed with a precise dose of soap in an effort fight life threatening infections

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The revolutionary “human on chip” developed at Hebrew University aims replace animal testing for new pharmaceuticals. When Israel was founded there were only 806 thousand residents but 3 years later this number had increased by 50%. By 2025 it is estimated that over 10 million people will live here making them one third more populous than China!

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