Essential Golf Accessories You Must Have with You

Finding out you haven’t brought your golf gloves or ball markers with you once you get on the course can be pretty frustrating and prevent you from playing your best. 

To avoid such unpleasant situations, ensure you’re always equipped with golf essentials. That way, you’ll be ready for any challenge the game throws at you and enjoy your golf time to the fullest.

Alignment Sticks

An alignment stick is another essential golf accessory. This tool is required for improving golf swing and can help ensure your ball makes it down the fairway. An alignment stick is visual support assisting during training for golfers regardless of their skill level.

Golf alignment sticks help with your full swing but also assist with short games. Since this training tool is so versatile, it is valuable for every golfer, whether a novice or a pro. You can also join an indoor golf club and hone your skill on a golf simulator in New York, Los Angeles, or other cities.


Ensure you get golf gloves that fit perfectly and feel comfortable. Well-fitting gloves allow for more friction between the golf club grip and your hand, enabling a more precise swing. Conversely, ill-fitting golf gloves can hinder your ability to grip the club and promote an erroneous swing. Ensure you place several extra gloves in your golf bag just in case.


A rangefinder is another vital golf accessory. Golfers use it to collect club data and keep accurate yardages. A quality rangefinder can eliminate a lot of guesswork when trying to get a precise read of the fairway. This device will measure how far you must hit the ball, sparing you from doing the math yourself.

You can also use a rangefinder to record the average distance you hit with different clubs and understand when to use each club. That way, you can save time and speed up the round.


Weather can be unpredictable. That’s why you should always have waterproofs with you to protect you from the rain once it decides it is time to fall. Although there are many options for those on a budget, getting high-quality waterproof clothes will pay off in the long run. Not having to change your waterproofs frequently is also better for the environment.

Comfortable Shoes

It’s a good idea to invest in quality golf shoes and insoles if you want to be comfortable throughout the day. A round can last a long time, depending on how busy the course is or who you’re playing with. 

Whether you’re riding in a cart or walking, you will be spending hours on your feet. So, find good golf shoes that offer all-day comfort and reduce pains, aches, and fatigue.

Divot Repair Tool

Golf balls lift tufts of grass and leave pitch marks when they hit the green. Golfers repair these pitch marks with a divot repair tool before they put them.

Ball marker

Finding you don’t have a ball marker once you’ve made it onto the green is pretty frustrating. Borrowing it from your playing partner can save the day that one time, but doing it over and over again is impolite. Just go and get yours from a shop.

Club Brush

Club brushes are vital accessories for keeping your clubs clean. These brushes typically feature sturdy wooden handles and thick nylon bristles. They are used to remove any dirt and debris from the grooves of a clubface, ensuring you have better ball contact.

Golf Towels

Golf towels are valuable items on any golf course. They are used for drying sweaty hands, golf balls, and club grips. You can also use them to wipe down your golf clubs to prevent the clubhead and shaft from rusting. Just ensure you don’t use the same towel for your hands or face and golf equipment.

Golf Cap

Wearing some kind of headwear is vital when you’re on the golf course, as the sun can easily damage your skin. So, find a golf cap or hat that suits you, and you’re good to go.

Sun Cream and Sunglasses

Again, the golf course is an open space with plenty of room for the sun to damage your skin. For that reason, you should always have with you a bottle of suncream, preferably an organic one.

Don’t forget about sunglasses, either. Apart from protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, they will also help you see better once the light blinds your way.

Valuables Pouch

Valuables pouch is a versatile item you can use both on and off the golf course. It’s an ideal place to hide your keys, jewelry, and other small and valuable items. You can easily place it in your bag without having to worry you will lose something.

All in All

It’s always better to be prepared than lack valuable equipment, whether you’re on a course or range. Ensure you bring these golf essentials with you, and you’ll be all set for any challenge.

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