Effective Ways of Applying Window Decals without Any Bubbles or Wrinkles

Window decals, stickers, or clings are designed to seamlessly adhere to your store or office windows and any other glass surfaces. Window decals could be facing inward and even outward depending on your specific requirements. The decals are often custom-printed and come with numerous perforations for allowing plenty of natural sunlight to streak into your store or office. Window graphics such as decals, stickers, or wraps are known to vary widely. They come in different colors, sizes, and materials.

According to Small Business Chron, in comparison to other advertising tools like fancy brochures, direct mailings, decals, and stickers could prove to be an affordable method of promoting your business’s name. Window decals play a pivotal role in boosting brand exposure, awareness, and overall brand image.

They are used to serve different purposes in several diverse kinds of buildings including restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more. They provide a host of benefits, however, while installing them, if you are a bit careless, you may come across a few air bubbles and wrinkles. You need to apply window decals with a lot of care and caution to rule out wrinkles or air bubbles.

Let us explore a few effective tips for installing flawlessly a window decal.

Clean Scrupulously the Surface Area

Once you have identified the window or the surface where you want to install the stickers, you must wipe the spot thoroughly using a premium glass cleaner for ensuring that no debris or bumps get trapped underneath your window graphics. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning solutions. They may end up causing air bubbles. If the surface is not cleaned thoroughly, you may face the risk of creating holes and air bubbles in your graphics.

Prepare Application Fluid 

If you wish to apply your decal utilizing the wet technique, you have to prepare an application fluid or soapy water. You may prepare the right soapy solution by adding just a single drop of soap to 750 ml water. Avoid going overboard with soap. The soapy solution is best for preventing adhesive from sticking. It becomes easier to go on squeezing down without any wrinkling or air bubbles. You may use a credit card as a squeegee.

Strategically Position and Tape

When you have identified the particular surface area and got it cleaned thoroughly, you place the graphic at the right spot and make sure that it will remain in place with the help of a painter’s or masking tape. You may ask someone to give you the perfect instructions by stepping back and examining if the decal or sticker is in perfect position. You may consider using tape for accuracy and a perfect placement.

Remove the Liner

By lifting the decal from the bottom, you may remove the protective sheet of paper or plastic from the back of your decal.

Apply Carefully from Top Down

With the decal lifted and even the protective shield removed, you may lightly spray both the surface and the decal’s adhesive side with the prepared application fluid. Then start lowering the decal carefully and slowly over the freshly sprayed glass surface of the window from top to down. Allow the graphic to float slightly on the soapy water layer.


Start squeezing slowly from the center to remove the water present under the decal. The decal should be stuck without any wrinkles or air bubbles. Once you are satisfied with the installation, you may get rid of the tape you had used earlier to keep the decal in position.

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