Dos and don’ts for hiring an accident lawyer in CT

When injured in a car crash in Connecticut, you may have many questions on your mind. Is it possible to file a car accident claim? If yes, will the legal battle be worth everything eventually? What steps should be taken to get a fair settlement? While the internet is full of information, your best bet is to work with an experienced law firm. If you have never worked with an injury lawyer, you may not exactly know what to expect when collaborating with one. We have a few dos and don’ts for hiring an accident lawyer in CT.

The dos

  1. Insist on meeting the lawyer. The top law firms in the state will offer free consultations, and while you can talk to the lawyers on the phone, it is best to meet in person. The obligation-free meeting will help you know the claim better.
  2. Be honest. If you think the road accident was partly your fault, let the lawyer know. Instead of talking to others, be honest with your attorney from the first meeting. That will also allow them to decide on the right strategy.
  3. Go in prepared. You may want to create a questionnaire about the pertinent queries. Lawyers are usually busy and appreciate clients who come with relevant details. Whatever you have related to the accident, share with the attorney.
  4. Ask about their work. Does the lawyer have experience handling accident claims? Do they also deal with other injury lawsuits? Find an attorney with relevant expertise so that you will have less to worry about.

The don’ts

  1. Don’t believe in guarantees. Even the best lawyers can control every aspect of a car crash claim and, therefore, do not believe in tall words or promises. There is no guarantee that you will win a certain amount.
  2. Don’t miss the expenses. Your car accident lawyer will work on a fixed contingency fee, but you may have to pay for other things like the cost of court filing and expenses like investigation and hiring experts. Get an estimate in advance sccbuzz .
  3. Don’t hide facts. If you want a lawyer to help you, make sure that you share all details, including facts that are not favorable. Your attorney can work on the case only when they have complete support from your end.

Get a seasoned lawyer, and don’t delay filing your claim. If you want to file a lawsuit after a car accident, you have two years in CT.

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