Domestic violence – All you need to know

Some families have dysfunctional patterns where at times the disputes reach an extreme and one person ends up abusing or hurting the others. Such abuse of one’s spouse or parent is called domestic violence. It is a serious criminal act and can lead to serious consequences. Domestic violence accusations and charges are severe and can destroy the accused’s career and relationships. This is one reason why such cases must be investigated thoroughly to avoid any false allegations. Most domestic violence victims find it difficult to come out and speak about it due to reasons like their children’s well-being, financial dependence, and the fear of worse abuse if they try to leave. In such cases, it is crucial that you hire a family law attorney. On the other hand, if you are falsely accused of violence as stated here, you must get in touch with a criminal defence attorney. 

  • Arrange an emergency protection order: If you are suing for domestic violence and you are scared and require protection, the attorney will arrange for it. They will help victims file a complaint or a restraining order called the Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO). This can protect you by putting a restraining order on the abuser from contacting you, sharing a home with you, coming within a certain distance of you, etc. 
  • Get one-year protective order: The emergency protection order is generally for 10 days. In between the 10 days, the court will schedule a hearing for the one-year protective order. In this hearing, the attorney will help present evidence on your behalf and help prove that domestic violence occurred, after which the court will grant a one-year protective order. 
  • File for custody or financial support: If you are a victim of domestic violence where the accused is your spouse, the family law attorney will help with your divorce process. They will ensure you get child custody and seek child support for your child. They will also ensure you get the right spousal support or your share of the marital property. 
  • File an injury lawsuit: The attorney will also help you file an injury lawsuit to recover for the damages caused to you like medical costs, lost wages, and other financial losses. 

No human being deserves to stay in an environment filled with abuse and violence. If you are a victim of such abuse and you feel that things have gotten out of hand now, you must seek legal help at the family court and hire a reputed family law attorney. However, there are cases where people are falsely accused of domestic violence, and if this is the case with you, it is high time that you must get in touch with a criminal defence attorney. 

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