Do You Have a Home Service Business? These 3 SEO Strategies Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

When a user types ‘drainage repair’ or ‘TV installation’ into Google, the algorithm of Google searches for results that are closest to their location. Therefore, you want to implement search engine optimization strategies that help your business to climb the organic search results It is important to get your business’ name at the forefront of prospective customers. A sydney seo company can help you win in local searches. 

SEO is significant for small businesses since it enables them to compete in industries where larger competitors dominate. 

Since queries are based on relevance, location, expertise, and other factors, small businesses can rank high and sometimes even more prominently than larger companies in the organic results of Google.

How much does SEO cost in Sydney?

It is crucial to optimize your home service business for your Sydney audience. The cost of SEO in this mega-city is comparable to the rest of Australia. Expect to pay between $750 and $2000 per month. Hourly sydney seo company rates range from $125 to $200. If there is steep competition in your industry, you may need to invest more in your SEO. 

  1. Be specific with your keywords

Keywords are phrases sprinkled throughout your website and help Google to determine the significance of your site to a user’s search. For example, let’s say your business is an ‘HVAC installation service in Sydney, Darlinghurst’.

In this case, some of your primary keywords should be the following:

Sydney HVAC

Sydney HVAC services

Sydney HVAC installers

HVAC installers in Sydney, Darlinghurst

These keywords must be prominent in your content. It must be seen once or twice on every page and be used in your H1 and H2 headers. You may also want to experiment with niche keywords such as Sydney HVAC repair, Broken AC in Sydney, Sydney AC installation and so on to stand out in searches where users may have a specific product or service in mind.

It is critical to optimize your online presence for Sydneysiders. Like the rest of the country, this megalopolis has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the developed world.

This on-the-go mobility is something you can take advantage of. Your customer will be able to access and discover you anywhere. Mobile internet users are likely to increase as Sydneysiders look for more convenience in their daily tasks, shopping and entertainment options.

  1. Prepare to be crawled by search engines

Google regularly crawls sites to find keywords to see their relevance and verify the content against other crawled sites. Therefore, you need to post well-written and original content on your website. 

Also, note that you want your content to be in text form. Avoid making the mistake of posting vital info as an image and simply posting it online. Words on web images are not crawled and will not boost your site’s relevance. 

  1. Meta-tags

Meta-tags and descriptions contain text that appears on the search results page of Google. Google crawls this metadata just similar to any content to determine a website’s relevance to a search. 

Your site’s SEO health can be harmed by repetitive, or absent metadata. Therefore, you must incorporate your keywords in both the meta-tag and meta-title. For example, if your page is about HVAC repair, your meta-tag for that page should read something like Sydney HVAC repair plus your business name.

Make sure your online presence is optimized for your Sydney audience. Sydneysiders are part of the population of internet users in Australia, expected to exceed 23 million by 2025. 

The far-reaching scope of the internet is already integrated into the daily life of Sydney residents. Popular activities they engage in include email, web browsing, banking, video streaming, and e-commerce.

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