Do Braces Hurt: Why Braces Experience of Everyone Is Different

Braces are a form of treatment that is used by orthodontists to correct overcrowded or misaligned teeth. People who are planning to get this orthopedic treatment wonder if it hurts. Abnormal bites become noticeable from the ages of six years all until 12 years when children start getting their normal teeth, and orthodontics treatment starts from the age of 14 years all until 14 years. In some instances, adults may consider getting fitted with braces.

Everyone is different, and people would feel pain for the first few days after getting braces, and also after the braces are tightened. But the level of pain should be within acceptable limits because too much of it is not normal. The discomfort should go away after a few hours.

Do braces hurt?

The experiences that different people will have regarding braces will be different, but the guide below should provide a general idea about the potential expectations of every stage of the treatment process. If you are looking for a professional dentist for your regular dental check up in Long Island city then make an appointment at

Getting braces

There are people who may be required to wear separators for a week or two before they are fitted with braces. For the first few days, the spacers might be tight, and this will cause soreness. However, the discomfort should be able to go away.

Is there immediate pain?

Any time braces are fitted, the person will not actually be experiencing pain immediately. The dentist will try attaching bands around the back of the molars and many people will find this process to be somehow uncomfortable. Also, after the band is fixed, the dentist will use a sour solution to clean the area, and will apply some glue to the top, or to the bottom sets of the teeth. Many people may not like the taste of the glue, but this shouldn’t cause unnecessary pain. More things will be done, until the final stage where your orthodontics connects everything with a wire. Visit Maroubra Invisalign Experts for alternative solutions.

Wearing braces

When you are starting to wear braces for the first time, there are a few things that you should expect and among them include:

  • You will develop sore gums.
  • You will have some scrapes or sores on the inside parts of your cheeks.
  • You may get some small cuts on your tongue especially if you use the tongue in feeling the braces.

Tips to help you reduce pain after getting braces

You can try the following pain relief treatments that are available.

  • Use pain relievers that are available from over the counter.
  • Eat foods that don’t need a lot of chewing.
  • Apply a cold cloth to your face.
  • Use a cotton swab to apply some anesthesia to your gums.


Teeth braces may cause some discomfort or little pain when you are wearing them. Also, the wearer will feel some discomfort after every tightening session. If a section of the braces is rubbing into the inside section of the mouth, this could also cause some discomfort. Whichever the possible cause of the pain, it can be managed using over the counter pain relievers.

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