Different Types of vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaning apparatus is an electrical appliance that collects dust and also small particles through suction from floors and many other surfaces. Vacuum cleaning devices come in various types, depending on their features and usage. This article has discussed the different types of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners possess different colors, functionalities, shapes, sizes and prices. They also vary depending on the user’s needs and the surface-type that is needs cleaning. Some vacuum cleaning devicesare a combination of two or more other forms to create a more complex version. The various types of vacuum cleaners are discussed below;

1. Canister vacuum

These types of vacuum cleaners are recommended for cleaning hard surfaces and also areas with small carpets, for example a car or stairs. Theyusually have a suction hose together with a retractable cord which allow easy maneuvering. Their motor and receptacle are placed in a separate unit which creates easy maneuverability, versatility and flexibility. These vacuums are best for multi-surface and furniture use. The vacuum cleaner Kenya is in high demand due to the service it provides.

2. Deep cleaner

Deep cleaners are alsoreferred to carpet cleaners orcarpet extractors. These devices use warm water for carpet treatment and spot removal. They spray carpets with soapy water and then brush their fibers and suck the water using vacuum technology. These vacuum cleaners are not meant for everyday use and are not designed for hardwood floors.

3. Upright vacuum

These cleaners are the best when cleaning large areas of the house that are carpeted. They have a beater brush that is motor-driven which loosens and sucks dirt. Most upright vacuum cleanersareequipped with onboard attachments for versatility while using them. Some of them are bagless whereas others are designed with bags for capturing debris and dust. Their height can be adjusted hence easy transition. They are ideal for cleaning dense carpets and hardwood floors.

4. Handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning areas which are too large for one’s upright. Cordless and portable designs make them a better option when cleaning small areas. They are ideal for cleaning up after pets and children. Handheld vacuum cleaners are light, quiet and easy to operate. They are powered by battery, which makes them portable and ideal for cleaning up little spills.

5. Sweeper

Sweeper or stick vacuum cleaners lie between upright and handheld vacuum cleaners. They have lightweight and are battery powered, hence portable just like handheld vacuum. They have an upright construction making them convenient for sucking up spills on floors made of hard wood. In most cases, they are used in quick cleanup areas like bathroom and kitchen floors. They are designed with a dirt cup for collecting debris.

6. Robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the latest version of vacuum technology. They are able to clean the floor on their own. The user only chooses the appropriate settings after setting up its sensor boundaries. These vacuum cleaners are compact and cordless. They are very precise andconvenient while cleaning and is time saving.


This article has discussed the important features thatactas distinguishing factors for the various types of vacuum cleaners mentioned above. Therefore, this information can be used for reference.

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