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Cyber Safety Precautions for Safe Downloading

Downloading is storing applications, files, and other data from the internet. This data may be stored on an email, web, or FTP server.

One needs to be careful and take some precautions while you download data using a remote system, as it could pose threats to the user’s security system and data as well.

Here are a few possible risks of downloading different content without precautions

  • To allow viruses on to your devices
  • A breach of your firewall might take place, primarily when you use file-sharing programs
  • Having adware installed accidentally, which can enable unwanted popup advertisements
  • Without knowing downloading illegal/objectionable material or even viruses disguised as a few other files
  • Unknowingly allowing spyware enables criminals to get private information for identity theft or financial gain.

So, here are precautions that you must take while you download:

  • Set antivirus, set firewalls to scan actively all the files you are downloading.
  • Use updated antivirus, spyware, and spam filter to help detect and remove spyware and viruses from the application you wish to download.
  • First of all, try closing all the applications which are running on your PC. Allow just a single set-up file to run at the time of downloading from a trusted website like thepirateproxybay. Try checking the file size before downloading; at times, it might show small size, but the file size can increase when you click it.
  • Do not believe anything that says, ‘click on this link’. Your PC settings would change, and your PC could turn into Xbox, enabling you to play unlimited games on your PC.
  • Scan through all the files properly after downloading, whether from links or websites received from emails.
  • Do not download random files like videos, games, music, and several others from unreliable sites. Never follow the recommendations blindly given by friends or those made by random comments on websites.
  • If you happen to watch bad language and offensive text on the website, simply close that window, don’t consider how important it is. Remember, spyware might be installed on your computer from these websites.
  • Never accept anything which attracts and offers you free downloads as that might contain malicious software.
  • Only download from reliable websites like thepirateproxybay, as they offer safe content always. Never click on links for downloading anything you spot on unauthorized sites.
  • Before downloading anything, you must set secure browser settings.
  • Never click on the file or link and allow it to start downloading automatically, after downloading is saved where you wish to save and run on the application after this.
  • Do not download from links that provide anti-spyware software or free antivirus, always download from reliable websites. If you are not too sure about the sites you are downloading from, enter the website in your favorite search engine to watch if someone has reported or posted that it has unwanted technologies.
  • Read through the terms & conditions carefully, before running the application or clicking on install.
  • Never download things until you have complete information about the site and also find out whether it is an original site and belongs to an original company.
  • Check whether the URLs are the same. Always download music, videos, and games from secure sites like ones that use HTTPS websites instead of using HTTP. In the web address, it replaces ‘HTTP’ with ‘HTTPS’. The meaning of HTTPS is hypertext transfer protocol secure.

Therefore, to put in short, set antivirus and set firewalls to scan actively and efficiently all the files you want to download. You must even do proper scanning of various files after you finish downloading, whether from different links received through emails or websites. Always try using updated antivirus, spam filter, and spyware, so that these can help you detect and remove spyware, viruses from applications you want to download. Thus, it is very important for enjoying torrenting; use only the top-rated and popular torrenting sites like The Pirate Bay.

Choose the pirate proxy bayas it offers not only secure content but also has a massive database with torrent files of different types: video, audio, games, applications, software, TV, movies, etc. You would surely find original site content and your favorite content here on The Pirate Bay.

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