Cute Ways to Wear Unisex T-Shirts

The t-shirt we know today evolved from undergarments worn two centuries ago, so it’s safe to say that t-shirts have been around for a while. This type of clothing is evergreen and will never go out of fashion. It’s comfortable, it can be made of every type of material or color and you can style it with just about everything.

It can be worn with a simple pair of jeans, formal wear, skirt or even under a summer dress. The best part is that everyone can wear it on every occasion. The biggest part of t-shirts are unisex, which means everyone feeling comfortable wearing them, can do so, no matter the color, shape, or application.

T-Shirt and jeans

This is a basic but sweet combination. You can rock it with your favorite straight jeans; the options are limitless. If you think your personal sense of fashion doesn’t allow t-shirts to be combined in your outfits, you’re terribly wrong. You can find t-shirts depending on your style and type of fashion.

If you’re into minimalist fashion, you can style plain t-shirts in any color you like. On the other hand, if you like more niche fashion styles, like gothic clothing, you can find t-shirts with gothic applications and aesthetics. And if you don’t like jeans, you can wear them with other types of pants or skirts.

Combine it with a skirt

Skirts can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. No matter what your personal preferences are, whether you like miniskirts, accordion skirts, or even ruffled ones, you can combine t-shirts with literally every type of skirt.

You can wear plain white cheap custom shirts with your everyday pencil skirt outfit for work or with your favorite jean skirt for a walk in the park. It can even be combined with formal asymmetrical skirts. You only need to find the right design for you, and you’ll be assured that you will be able to incorporate it in almost every outfit.

Wear it with a matching set

A matching set of a blazer and pants or shorts will fit flawlessly with your favorite unisex t-shirt. If your set is plain without any design, you can allow yourself to wear that t-shirt you bought with an overwhelming application design.

You can tuck your t-shirt in if you think it’s a size too large for you, or you can tie a knot on the bottom to make it shorter. You can even half-tuck it in the front and leave it hanging in the back for a fashionable and stylish look.

T-shirt dress

If you never wore that t-shirt you got as a gift on your previous birthday because it’s three sizes too big for you, now is the time to style it. You can wear your oversized t-shirt as a dress and combine it with fishnets, your favorite boots, and a cute denim jacket.

Wearing this type of outfit is not only stylish but also very comfortable and flexible. If you don’t like wearing tights or fishnets, you can combine it with every type and length of cute socks. You can also add some jewelry for an extra stylish point.

Layer the t-shirt under a summer dress

This new type of layering your favorite t-shirt under a summer dress has become very stylish in the past couple of years. You can wear your favorite t-shirt under a spaghetti-strapped dress, silky dress, or even lacy piece. This way of layering for the warmer spring days or the colder summer days is a stylish way to express style.

All you need is a summer dress, it could be the one you never wear because it’s too revealing, and a t-shirt you like. This combination is never a failure since almost everyone likes this type of outfit.

Final thoughts

Whatever you are planning to combine in an outfit, a t-shirt is almost always there. T-shirts are basic, comfortable and truly stylish. Whether you like t-shirts with applications, plain ones, or t-shirts with a V-neck, they can be incorporated into every outfit. You can wear them in the office, on a walk in the park or at your favorite cafe.

T-shirts are truly the chameleon in the fashion industry as they can be combined with anything and everything. No matter if you’re gothic, bohemian, or punk, t-shirts go with heavy-duty boots, high-heels, flats, or sneakers. Wear them in a formal setting, a casual one and everything in between. When you choose a t-shirt with your outfit, we guarantee that you’ll never be wrong.

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