Crib death – what can prevent the phenomenon

Crib death is an unexplained phenomenon and is a severe blow to parents who experience it. This is every parent’s nightmare. Crib death syndrome also affects completely healthy babies as it is primarily a functional impairment that impairs the baby’s breathing. The vast majority of cases occurred even before the baby reached the age of six months although it can also happen to infants up to one year of age. This death occurs mostly at night (but not only) while the baby is sleeping. 

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There are a few things that are under parental control and can help lower the chance of experiencing the phenomenon. In the article, we will talk about exactly these things. Read well and apply these things. That way, you can prevent yourself from having a big heartache.

 Crib death – what can reduce the risk?

First and foremost, you need to provide a safe sleeping space for your baby. To do this, there are some things you need to do. The first thing is to lay your baby on his back and not on his stomach. Note that the surface on which it lies is strong and stable from counting to hold it. It is very important to make sure it is not too hot for him. Therefore, you need to open a window, turn on a fan / air conditioner or anything else to keep the room cool enough (but of course not too cold). The last thing is to note that its space is soft and safe enough to minimize the chance of injury.

The next thing you can do that many parents sin against for fear, is to let your child sleep in his own bed. Many parents put their child to sleep in their bed with them. This is a mistake and should be laid in his own bed, where he is safest. Of course, his bed can be in your room.

Breastfeeding is not a pleasant thing for many mothers and some do not either but it can also prevent the phenomenon of cot death. It does not matter if the food he receives is from breast milk only, a combination of breast milk and such and such substitutes or if you are only breastfeeding for a few months. It makes a difference.

The last but one thing that can be most important is to wrap your baby. By wrapping your baby around, you are actually limiting him to a certain level and thus preventing him from moving and flipping over. The cover keeps it in the position you left it (on the back of course!). The cover contributes to the comfort of the child and as we said, this is the most important thing. In addition, in wrapping it, you prevent it from reaching blankets, pillows, dolls or anything else that is in its bed and may pose a choking hazard in one form or another.

Note that the blanket in which you wrap it should be sufficiently ventilated and one that wicks away sweat as much as possible. This is because the child will be pleasant enough and not too hot. The blanket should be flexible on the one hand to allow the child some movement space but strong enough on the other hand so that he will not be able to get rid of it in a few movements. Either way, keep your shoulders bare.

Proper wrapping – There is really no way to wrap properly because everyone has their own way but it is important to note that you have not wrapped the child too tightly. To check this, put a hand between the blanket and the child’s chest. If you were able to do this quite easily, you wrapped the child well. If the cover is too tight, you may injure the child and cause him long-term injury.

Now that you know a little more about cot death syndrome and you also know how to reduce the risk of this syndrome, you are more willing to be a parent. Go over the things we talked about and put them into action.

 Common questions

Crib Death – What Can Prevent Crib Death?

The things that can help prevent cot death are: breastfeeding, wrapping the baby, sleeping on your back, sleeping in your own bed.

Crib Death – What Are The Things To Do?

Always place your baby on his back, place them on a stable and strong sleeping mattress, make sure he is not too hot, and make sure that his crib space is soft and safe .

Crib death – how do you know the baby is well wrapped?

If you manage to put a flat hand between the shell and your baby’s chest – it is wrapped well.

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