Creative Icon Animation Ideas to Boost Your Online Presence

Creativity and animation are interlinked, and there are so many cool ideas that are trending in the field of animation. These ideas are something every business owner can use to get noticed online. Not only that, it helps you to create a unique brand identity. So, it’s high time that you explore the world of animation and get inspired.

But first, let’s find out more about icon animation:

What is icon animation?

Icon animation is a trend that can help you to design your website and boost its user’s engagement levels. The idea of using animations for the purposes of marketing isn’t new, as different industries such as movies, fashion, and interior design use it on a regular basis.

But what is essential here is that you should not forget to be original with your icons.

Creating an animated icon gives you a unique edge in gaining the attention of your customers. As the number of visitors to a website is limited, you can use animated icons to captivate your potential clients. That’s why it is advised to create an animation with a purpose, and not just for its looks.

If you create animated icons for marketing purposes, it is advisable to use an animated icon generator to create unique designs.

Here are some creative ideas for how you can use icon animation on your website. Get inspired by these awesome ideas to make your website more eye-catching, appealing, and interactive.

Add animated product Icons

If you have an e-commerce site that sells high-quality products, then you definitely need to include animated icons for your products. For example, if you are selling high-quality athletic shoes, then you can use icons of athletes on your landing page. This way, people who are looking for your products are able to recognize them easily. In addition, if your e-commerce site is targeting the millennial audience, then you can create a unique icon for each category. It’s these iconic icons that will make your website look more attractive and establish your brand identity online.

This is something that a huge number of e-commerce stores are doing. For example, popular shopping websites such as Amazon and Shopify have already started incorporating animated icons into their design.

Improve Navigation

In today’s business world, you can’t afford to have a slow website. You need a fast and easy-to-navigate website that will make it easy for your customers to check out your product. But, if you use a slow theme, your customers will start losing patience and go back to your competitors, because the page load time will be unnecessarily long.

So, what you can do is to add icons to your navigation and make it more appealing. If you want to use animated icons, you should know that they can adapt to different screen sizes. You can add icons that are larger or smaller depending on the width of your page, so that people can find it easily.

Add animation to your text box

It’s also possible to add animations to your text box. But, first, you should know how to design it. You can draw an outline and adjust the font size and colors according to your preference. You can also use any number of icons that are creative and easy to recognize. The fact is that people will get distracted by your text box if it’s not easily recognizable.

Before adding any animated icons, make sure that your text box is noticeable.

Add image transition

While working on a webpage, you can add animations to images and make them more appealing and intuitive. You can also add animation to buttons and links that are used throughout your website. In addition, the entire flow of your website should be made interactive by adding icons. However, make sure that you do not forget to add style to your icons, because you can create an animation that has a unique personality.

For example, if your website sells high-quality, stylish clothes, you can add an icon that moves in the opposite direction of the text box, making your customers recognize the products.

Tell a story

All your website should be able to tell a story to your customers.

This means that your visitors should be able to understand it, at least a little bit, before deciding to buy from you. If your website has a simple and appealing design, then your visitors will have a very hard time deciphering it. For example, if your website is all about sharing tips, and you add an icon that shows a mountain, then you can use animated icons for your referral icon. In addition, if you have a website about fitness, then you can add icons that remind people of their workouts.

The more you can do to change your website, the more likely your customers are going to stick around and browse around. If your website is customized with high-quality images, and icons that are creative and unique, then you are sure to attract the attention of your customers.

The key is to create your website in a way that gets you noticed. And the best way to achieve this is by adding creative and different animations to your website design.


Creating a website that uses animated icons doesn’t cost a lot of money or effort. But, it will make your website more appealing and create a great impression on your customers. You can either go with an all-in-one theme for a fast and streamlined website or you can make your own theme from scratch, using icons that look attractive and unique. Whatever you choose, you should find out how to create a website with unique icons that will appeal to your customers.

Remember that if your website doesn’t look appealing, then your website is going to be a failure and your customers will abandon your website.

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