Complete guide to online slots

Have you just landed in the world of online slots or are you already a great expert? Be that as it may, this complete guide interests you as we tell you everything you need to know about one of the star products of our online Casino. Let’s start!

Online slots: origin and evolution

Before we start talking about online slots, we want to tell you something more about them. Did you know that the first slot machine in history appeared in San Francisco, United States, in 1895? It was created by Charles Fey, a young engineer who belonged to the state electricity company. Called Liberty Bell, it was a simple slot with three reels: when three bells appeared, the prize was activated. The anticipation was incredible.

It was not until 1964 that the first electric slot machine was released. It was called Money Honey and it was the starting point of enormous popularity. In fact, in the 70s these machines became one of the most frequent attractions among women. Thanks to this electrical innovation, casino games experienced a true revolution.

During the 70s we find another decisive milestone in the history of these products: the invention of microchips. From his hand emerged the Fortune Coin, the first casino video game. It was a visionary work of Walt Fraley and opened a new landscape for slot machines and casino games in general.

Progressively, the new technological advances derived in slots turned into video machines based on generators of random numerical series. They were the genesis of the current slots. So much so that at the end of the 20th century, during the 90s, two main types of slot machines began to be differentiated: land-based and online. The business opportunity did not go unnoticed and there were many websites and casino software providers that took advantage of the pull to multiply the offer of online slots.

What has been the consequence? You no longer have to travel, neither long nor short distances, to enjoy this entertainment. You can play wherever you are at any time of the day and night: 24/7. You only need a mobile, a tablet, a computer, or any other similar device. That is, your slots go with you! The network has replaced the casinos, bars, and game rooms that used to take advantage of this offer.

Slots made in Spain

Do you think it’s okay if we get a little bit patriotic? Spanish slot machines are identified as all those that have been designed and made in Spain. Of course, they incorporate the latest international technological innovations, but also cultural features, traditional references, and famous protagonists of our country. Can you imagine enjoying these *slots* with Ismael Beiro, the winner of Big Brother I, Arévalo, or Leticia Sabater as protagonists? The Spanish Celebrities series is a magnificent example of that culture that is so much ours transferred to these slots with the denomination of origin.

Did you know that until June 2015 it was forbidden in our country to play online slots? From then until today, it is completely legal to play in all those *online* casino slots that have the so-called Safe Game seal, granted by the สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling. At Goldenpark we have it in all our products.

Glossary of virtual slot terms

Before continuing, let us make a preliminary consideration. Although the term “slots” is the most used, the words “slots” and “slots” are synonymous: there is no difference between the three words, we can use them interchangeably.

Below, we have put together for you a basic dictionary of essential words that you must master if you feel like getting around in the amazing world of virtual slots. For ease of reference, we present them in alphabetical order.

Minimum and maximum bet

They are the minimum and maximum amount that you can bet on each spin of a specific slot. It varies depending on each case and allows you to adapt the level of risk, intensity, and emotion of your games, according to your preferences.

Free spins

These are free spins that casinos provide when we play their slots. Do not confuse them with bonus spins.


We refer to a cumulative jackpot that increases the final prize that can be obtained. Achieved by matching certain higher value symbols on a payline. It is linked to the RTP (we explain it later) and, together with it, it is a factor to take into account when deciding which slots to play.

Payment lines

They are the ones that allow you to obtain prizes when certain combinations of symbols are met. They vary depending on how the game has been conceived. To give you a practical idea, think about this example: if a 5-reel slot requires matching 3 identical symbols, they must appear on the same payline.

Payback or payback rate

It is an element that is determined by the specific RNG, a concept that we also explain in this glossary. Identifies the payback percentage to players that a slot machine presents.

RNG or random number generator

In English, random สล็อตเว็บตรง number generator. Refers to the software that activates the operation of the game. Originally, in ancient times, it was used to nominate the internal system of physical slots. However, today it has been fully consolidated in its digital versions.

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