Common causes of California Brain Injury Cases and What to Expect

Undergoing brain injury can be traumatic, and it is beneficial to get the proper remedy for the situation. If another party is liable for the accident, it is advisable to seek compensation for damages. Injuries from such cases can cause permanent damage to victims or lead to death.

Brain injury cases are different from personal injury claims in California. Due to its complexity, the former will likely go for a full; hearing. But, a traumatic brain injury attorney will guide you through the process. It is best to hire a reputable company with a high success rate with similar California lawsuits. However, the latter case usually settles out of court. Still, both parties negotiate for a fair deal for their client.

What are the Causes?

In California, brain injury is becoming a public health issue as the number of patients seeking medical attention for such problems increases. The cases vary, and experienced lawyers will treat each case differently. Below are some of the common factors causing the accidents;


A misdiagnosis or use of the wrong medication can cause brain damage. It is familiar with surgical procedures in the medical sector. However, it is not easy to prove the doctor’s liability. You will need an excellent lawyer to help you get justice.


A violent individual can harm you and cause brain injuries. Even though you might not get a conviction for the crime, it is possible to get compensation. Unlike criminal law, the evidence to support a personal injury lawsuit is readily available. A professional attorney can help you prepare the documents and file the case at a civil court.


Engaging in boxing, hockey, and football will risk a head injury. Still, other physical activities have the same dangers, especially for teenagers. You could get legal representation for a lawsuit to seek compensation if the other party was intentional in the accident.

Automobile accidents

Road accidents are among the leading factors for brain injuries in California. Pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, and drivers can be in the situation after an accident.


Statistics show that construction workers face brain injury risks due to their work type. Climbing high places without a suitable tool can lead to falls which are usually life-threatening. However, slipping and falling can happen to anyone anywhere. The young and older generations are at a higher risk of having brain injuries from falling. An attorney would get you an appropriate remedy if the accident were due to another person’s negligence or carelessness.

What to Expect

You can file a lawsuit for traumatic brain injury according to California law. The provisions are that you do it before two years elapses since the injury. A case becomes invalid after the timeline. You cannot seek compensation for damages even if you can prove the other party’s liability. Since you will be recuperating and need to rest, it is best to delegate the tasks to a qualified and experienced attorney. Reach out to a traumatic brain injury lawyer today if you or someone you know is a victim. The consultation is free.

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