Buy Kamado Joe Classic Models from BBQ 2u and Get 10% off on Bundles

As technology is advancing so is the method of cooking. People are now more focused on ready-to-eat frozen foods rather than cooking themselves. Gone are those days when families or friends used to gather in the backyard for grilled skewers and chilled beers. UK citizens, especially youngsters, are more focused on burgers and shakes until the pandemic hit hard. During lockdown between 2020-2021, people are forced to have home-cooked food. Those who were dependent on street and restaurants had to take out alternatives to enjoy the same charred meat at home.

This is where the barbecue was realized to be the best option even during tough days. Many retailers found this time to be the best sale season. However, not everyone was able to arrange barbecue grille stock in their warehouse. Unlike BBQs 2u, which ensured all their customers are satisfied with their products and price range.

BBQs 2u, to date, is known for its durable and reliable product delivery. Their product range includes brands like Kamado, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Ooni Pizza ovens. During those days, it was the kamado Joe that was sold rapidly. Sometimes they too were short of stock, but not for long. Customers went a step ahead and complimented the retailer for their hard work and dedication.

Some were also impressed with the packaging style. One of the customers commented that their Kamado Joe was packed like an Apple product, and they were delighted to see how careful the retailer was about the product being safe. During festivals or events, BBQs 2u ensures that they provide Kamado Joe Best Price deals and offers. Currently, the Kamado Big Joe is available with a 10% discount along with gifts.

However, Kamado Joe Big Joe is for large crowds and gathering. Those who love grilling every weekend for their small family can always go for Kamado Joe – Classic II.

Kamado Joe Classic II- Specifications 

  • The Kamado Joe Classic II is made entirely of durable ceramic, from the interior furnace where the coals are stored.
  • Users can control the amount of air that enters the furnace and, consequently, how hot the grill gets by regulating the top and bottom vents.
  • Customers don’t need to burn most charcoal to maintain the grill at the proper temperature since the substantial ceramic effectively traps the heat.
  • The Kamado Joe Classic II is dome-shaped, like other kamado-style barbecues, and has a thermometer built into the domed lid.
  • However, unlike other brands, it has a highly striking and lustrous brick-red hue that gives it a wow factor and draws attention.
  • It has a strong metal welded stand with lockable back wheels. It also has plastic side shelves that are simple to store away when not in use.
  • Even hooks for hanging barbeque tools are incorporated into the shelves.
  • The Kamado Joe includes the shelves, SS cooking grates, cart, and ceramic heat deflector that helps regulate the heat required to start preparing food or smoking.
  • There is even an additional rack so you can further customise where the grates are placed, as well as a grabber tool for shifting the cooking grates.

Kamado Joe is available at a bargain price at BBQs 2u, along with all accessories needed for a perfect barbecue party. Buy it at a bundle price from BBQs 2u and save 10% on the total price. The bundle includes Kamado Joe Classic II, JoeTisserie Rotisserie, and DoJoe. Users can learn more about deals and offers from BBQs 2u by following their Pinterest page.

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