Bold Prints And Funky Knits: How Present Fashion Continuously Embodies Trends Throughout Time

While trends are acknowledged as having a shelf life so to speak, there are many aspects in current fashion which hold a timelessness of their own – combining the past of textiles with the present through an ongoing love of technique and style.

Great knits

While there are many items that can be examined in the rotation of fashion delights, there are two things that seemingly remain true: prints and allmeaninginhindi knits.

Starting with the latter, a good knit can represent many things: tradition, culture, craft, trade, and comfort. Traditionally woven with natural fibres, commercial knits today can come in many varieties of material and styles.

Whether it be a chunky knit cardigan or a light throwover made of knotted silk, a quality knit can still embody these same traits in present day.

Loud prints

Prints were traditionally used as a communicator of tribe, clan, and status. One may then observe how the feelings of throwing on a leopard print dress, like the popular styles from Ganni, may also embody the same feelings in present day.

Power, attraction, and heightened energy have all been used to describe the feelings associated with throwing on a stand-out print.

Not standing exclusively of each other, prints are equally good at portraying more understated looks well.  Sot floral patterns, miniature polka dots, and glitter threads all have a way of bring a classically feminine portrait to a fashion framework.


As fashion becomes more ecologically biographycon conscious and many companies seek to build a circular infrastructure, fashion trends can also mirror this circularity as well.

With trends repeating themselves over time, while classics seem to never go out of style either, fashion can perhaps be understood as something that remains as a constant throughout time and the inevitable changes it carries.

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