Best Springtime Activities in Calgary

Now that the warm weather is finally coming around in Calgary, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. This is the case anywhere, but especially in Alberta, there are few things more exciting than change. While winter has its own wonderful benefits, like the accompaniment of hockey season and all the winter sports we love, seeing nature once again in bloom is sure to put a smile one everyone’s face. 

When the nice days come around again, it can be easy to forget how to best take advantage of the nice weather. That’s often the case for both lifelong residents and those new to the city who just found their perfect place after looking at Calgary Homes For Sale. For those who’ve always lived here and new residents alike, here’s a few of the ways to help you get the most out of those perfect spring days. 

Sample The Local Goods

Those who are curious about what’s grown right in their backyard will be right at home at the Calgary Farmers’ Market. There are an ample amount of vendors offering all one could imagine and a large food court for those who are looking to have something right there. As exciting as the Farmers’ Market is, don’t feel like you’ve seen it all once you’ve been there. 

In fact, there’s over 20 different farmers’ markets throughout the city. Plenty are open year round, and those are typically held indoors, so to really welcome in the spring what better way than by exploring one of the many open air markets throughout Calgary?

Hit The Slopes Once More

It’s easy to think that just because there’s no longer snow on the streets and in yards that ski season must also be over with. While that’s a signal things are coming to end, that doesn’t mean it’s quite the case yet. Especially during the start of spring, there’s still going to be opportunities to get a few more runs down your favorite slope.

This is also the perfect chance to get out to the mountain for those who can’t stand the cold like they could at an earlier point in their life. If this sounds perfect to you, and how could it not, remember that you might not need to dress like you expect. There’s plenty of snow on the ground but the temperatures won’t be freezing like they are in the dead of winter. 

Explore Heritage Park

May marks the reopening of Heritage Park. For those new to the area and those who’ve never had the chance to experience it themselves, Heritage Park is only around 15 minutes from downtown and offers guests the chance to spend an afternoon experiencing what life was like for Canadian settlers during the  period from the 1860s to the 1930s. 

The park is staffed with plenty of in-character interpreters who are friendly and more than happy to help guide guests through the adventure that was the Canadian west. Guests can not only experience train rides and paddlewheel boats but also exhibits such as Gasoline Alley Museum and Heritage Town Square.

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