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HOVSCO is a company that manufactures high quality electric bikes sold worldwide. These electric bikes are cheap, very accessible and very comfortable. An electric bike is not only eco-friendly but also easy on your pocket. A great reason to buy a bike is because our bikes are from it. Hovsco electric bikes represent high quality bikes designed for rough surfaces as well as everyday life. If you are a true nature lover and if you love to travel in hilly areas, our company bikes will be delicious for you.

Why buy HOVSCO Electric Bikes?

If you ever feel tired of old fashioned bikes or bicycles, because they drink petrol like free. Then, an electric bike can solve your problem. This is why there are electric bikes, which are easy to ride and handle and not heavy on the pocket. What are you thinking? Wait more!! You might be wondering, how can an electric bike be equal or better than an old fashioned bike in terms of performance, durability, handling and quality?

It usually has a built-in suspension system, which ensures that your rides are smooth and comfortable throughout the journey.

Why is this HOVSCO?

By now you might be wondering why this HOVSCO electric bike and not the others! Let’s first introduce it;

It is a famous brand and recognized and approved by riders worldwide. Its e-bikes have many advantages that will definitely make you choose it.

Now let’s know about some advantages;

1. Mobility

A HOVSCO electric bike is very easy to ride and comfortable as well as smooth on rough terrain, unless it is an old fashioned bike. The best part about it is that it has a big sturdy frame and wide tires that help it crush the ground and keep you moving all the time. However, bikes are so easy to move from one place to another if you plan to relocate.

2. Easy to Ride

A HOVSCO bike is made for every type of person. That is, those who want a rough ride and a smooth ride in the city and daily errands, it will be easy for you to drive even if you don’t know how to drive. Not only for adults, it can also be used by kids for their college and other activities.

3. Environment and pocket friendly

Because HOVSCO electric bikes run on electricity, not petroleum that burns and emits harmful gasses. It is very durable, and eco-friendly too. However, the HOVSCO A5B City Hunter is quite expensive. Depending on the features and model, it is quite pocket friendly as it does not use petroleum but electricity and in some countries electricity is much cheaper than petroleum.

Moreover, electricity can be produced cheaply with solar power. Hence, keep the environment clean from harmful gasses by reducing the burden on your pocket.

Its electric bikes come in a variety of models, features, sizes and weight capacities at different prices so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. With its attractive shape and quality materials, it attracts the attention of many travelers and daily riders.

In the case of Fat tire ebikes;

E-bikes have especially fat tires because they can handle slick terrain and sandy beaches and are more comfortable when riding over bumps because they are able to absorb rough terrain better. As you pedal harder, the thicker tread creates balance and traction.

Let’s know about fat tire electric Bike;

The primary difference between a fat tire electric bike and a standard mountain bike is as simple as it looks from the outside. Yes, they have fat tires but do fat off-road tires lend a rider an edge over standard mountain biking tires?

As far as fat tires go, electric bikes are designed to be functionally similar to mountain bikes. But the advantage of having a fat tire comes from the fact that it is electric. Normally a fatter wheel slows down a rider on a normal bike due to friction resistance and more air resistance, when a bike features a throttle or a PAS system and suddenly fat tires have a whole new meaning.

Let’s know about the advantages of fat tire e-bikes;

1. Tire Surface Area

The added surface area of ​​a fat tire ebike means it is much less likely to sink in soft terrain such as mud, snow or sand. Many hunting electric bikes, fishing ebikes and beach cruisers are able to go over your soft debris due to the wide surface area.

2. Off-Road Capability

A fat tire electric bike tire has a thicker tread and stronger rubber walls. As a result, fat tires are often used for all-terrain riding and sometimes downhill racing. Off-road fat tires allow the tire to slide over sharp rocks, through mud and streams while maintaining a smooth and balanced ride feel.

3. Comfort

Just like a mountain bike is much more comfortable than a road bike with soft suspension and a comfortable seat. The same applies to fat tire ebikes With a more resilient rubber tire and a wide comfortable seat, the fat tire ebike introduces a soft and smooth feel for all riders.

4. Maintenance

Fat tire electric bikes are designed to withstand very unusual rough terrain, mostly off-road riding and hunting conditions and temperature variations. Tire maintenance on a fat tire ebike is definitely less than a regular road or mountain bike.


HOVSCO, a fast-growing brand focused on designing the HovRanger step-through ebike, offers e-bike riders a more engaging, easy-to-use experience. It’s designed for riders who want to get away from their cars but still keep up with traffic on their commute.

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